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Introducing myself and explaining how I prepare my sheet music files.
Hello all, I'm GRB, and I have a degree in Music History from the University of Colorado.   I can play the piano, but I don't consider myself an actual pianist, although I did play piano in a restaurant in Waikiki for a year,   Dealing with piles of sheet music has always been a nuisance.   I had seen certain professional classical players using various tablets and computers to display their music while performing.  One of the most notable being Christopher Riley the host of NPR's From The Top.

I've been an exclusively Linux user for probably over 20 years now; but only recently, I purchased a 10" Samsung Tab 5Se that I thought would be satisfactory for use as a sheet music display device.   I bought a Firefly pedal to use with it.   The only decent Android App I could find to display my .pdf's was XODO, but it fell short because using the pedal would bring down the Main Menu over the music.   I had looked in the Google Play store for pdf reader apps, and of all I tried XODO was the only one that was 1/2 way acceptable.   However it was driving me nuts with the unwanted and seemingly uncontrollable drop down menu.  I complained to XODO many times, but they never saw fit to actually address the problem.

Nevertheless,  it was on the XODO support forum that someone suggested Mobile Sheets.   I looked it up on the Google Play Store and saw that it had many positive comments.   At the moment I'm using the trial version, but I don't know what the difference is between it and the Pro Version.   Is the trail version time restricted or what? What are the value added features of the Pro version?

I will write more about my experiences later, particularly using "GIMP" on Linux to prepare the sheets for the Samsung Tab 5Se.  So I'll add more to this thread as time passes.
Hello GRB, 

Welcome to the MobileSheets forums! I'm happy you stumbled upon MobileSheetsPro during your search for a sheet music app. The trial version of MobileSheets limits you to only eight songs in your library. It's otherwise functionally equivalent to the paid version. It's just meant to let users test out the features before buying (not as an alternative to the paid version).  If you have any questions while getting started with MobileSheetsPro, feel free to post them here and I'll be happy to answer them. I hope the app meets your needs!

(02-16-2020, 05:12 PM)Zubersoft Wrote: "Hello GRB, 

Welcome to the MobileSheets forums! I'm happy you stumbled upon MobileSheetsPro during your search for a sheet music app. The trial version of MobileSheets limits you to only eight songs in your library. . . "


So far it is perfect for my needs.   I like the fact that the settings allow to turn features off and change the gestures that activate them.  At the present time  I have many things turned off such as the metronome box which was annoying me in the beginning.   I have it set up where I can only swipe to change pages, not tap, but a two finger tap in the center brings me directly to my song list.  It also works just fine with my pedal.

I'll probably go pro now that I understand what it is to be "pro".   I take it that "pros" have a larger repertoire compared to amateurs. Smile 

I have my library as a separate folder on my computer, and backup drives.  I transfer files to my tablet using a nifty PNY Duo Link OTG 128GB Type-C Drive with both Usb Type-C 3.1 connector is compatible with the latest Android smartphones and tablets1, and Usb Type-A 3.1 connector is compatible with PC and Mac computers, laptops, Ultrabook's, printers and more.  So I won't have the issue that some users have had of losing their Library, or not being able to connect to Cloud Storage,

On this subject I had originally purchased an iPad when it was on sale at Costco.   I returned it after just a few days.  It could not connect directly to a Linux based computer, so I had to send my files up to the Apple iCloud, which worked well enough with Linux, but when I downloaded the files from the iCloud to the iPad, I discovered that the iPad had no actual file manager, and I had no idea where my files were on the iPad.   It was after that that I bought the Samsung S5e which is totally compatible with Linux in almost every respect.  Still the PNY flash drive is the easiest way to move files back and forth.

I'll continue on in future posts describing what I like about MobileSheets, along with some suggestions of how it might be improved.   That said it's quite fine as it is, and I still have a lot of exploring to do related to all the features.


just a few side remarks from another Linux-only user w/r/to what works well with me:

# Rather use PDF instead of single paged pure image formats. You can collect individual pages into one file with ImageMagick's convert.

# Manage the score files in a separate folder (hierarchy) of your own, and let MSPro *not* manage them. Transfer from/to tablet by mounting its file system into the Linux box by USB, and shoving things around.

# Use a larger tablet (Samsung 12.2" or larger) if you are not eagle-eyed. Better even: Use two of them side-by-side, with alternate paging. (I reported in another thread about my double tablet setup lately.)

Have a good time with carrying less weight.   Big Grin 

Playing classical music on a wind controller hobby-wise - and tired of carrying around tons of paper sheets.  Wink
XnConvert works well to convert between image formats.
Dell Latitude 13.5" 2-in-1 Ubuntu/Win 11
Samsung Note Pro SM-P900 12.2 Android 5.0.2
Samsung S7+, Android 12

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