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Managing multiple tablets
I've been a happy Mobilesheets pro user for a few years now having it on multiple devices. Heart
Now lately one of my choirs have been thinking about using tablets instead of paper and referred to me as their technician to figure out what is possible.

I recommended to them to use this software, however getting everyone on a tablet can be a hassle.
I would have to install the software on 40 android tablets, and was looking for the best way to do this.
Could anyone recommend what the best method would be?

Things i would like to know:
- Is it possible to avoid the use of google play store to install the software?
that way it would not be needed to make separate gmail accounts for the software or try to get G-suite

- Is it possible to manage the software through G-Suite?

-How well does the master/slave function work with this many tablets?
Hello BAER,

My recommendation is to purchase MobileSheetsPro through my FastSpring store here: https://zubersoft.onfastspring.com/

The FastSpring version is based on license keys, so you can buy one license key with 40 activations so you can use it on 40 unique devices (this is what will happen if you set the quantity to 40 when purchasing), and you'll get a bulk discount when purchasing that many. If you'd rather have one license key per device, this would either require 40 individual purchases, or you can contact me directly at mike@zubersoft.com and I can generate 40 keys for you and accept the payment directly through PayPal. Purchasing through the FastSpring store avoids the need to use Google Play accounts (and sharing purchases using Google Play accounts this way is actually against the terms of service). All updates are delivered through my own license server, and when an update is available, the app will ask you if you want to update (letting you control when updates are delivered to all the devices to ensure they all stay compatible). 

As far as installing the app on all 40 tablets, after purchasing, you will receive a link to an installer that you can download off my server. You'll need to either download this file on each tablet and run it to install the app, or you can download the installer to a shared network location and have all the tablets access the installer through that shared location. 

The master/slave function should work okay with 40 tablets so long as you are using a reliable WiFi connection. You will not be able to use bluetooth with that many tablets, as Android can only handle 7 concurrent bluetooth connections at once (and many tablets can only handle 3-5). I have to admit that I have only tested around 10 tablets at once with WiFi, but I encountered no issues with my tests.  As you are getting this all set up, I can work with you to ensure the master/slave functionality is going to function reliably with all 40 tablets. I can probably also work on setting up a test with around 20 devices, but that is the maximum number I have available (and around 7 of them would be Windows 10 devices running the Windows 10 version of MobileSheets).

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your reply,

This will save a lot of hassle, I will do a test run with 3 tablets and the free version first. 
If the choir then likes the solution I will definitely come back to you.

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