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Annotations Request
Sorry to say this if you are already working on this, but is there any way that a better eraser function could be added? I'm thinking of one that is used in Microsoft programs that is called a "stroke eraser". Where it erases by each individual stroke, for example if you draw a line across the page and touch the eraser against it on any point the whole line will be erased. If a dotted line is drawn, it will only erase each segment of the line at a time as the pen was picked up between the strokes. I have found from using my surface device in onenote that it makes taking notes more seemless with that eraser function.

I have three eraser modes you can use in the new design:

1) Drag across - Most annotations are deleted if you drag your finger across them, but with freeform annotations, you can scribble and erase parts of the drawing you don't want (like you would with an eraser on a pencil)
2) Draw box - You draw a box around everything you wanted deleted (this is the same way the eraser works in the current design)
3) Tap - Any annotation you tap or drag across is completely deleted. Similar to option #1, but instead of only deleting parts of freeform annotations, this just completely deletes them. 

Hopefully one of those will meet your needs. None of those is quite the same as a stroke eraser, but in practice, I'm not sure how much more useful that would be over the modes I have already added. We can re-evaluate once the new design is released and if a fourth mode is needed, I can add that without much difficulty.


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