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IRig Blueboard bluetooth midi foot controller works!
Hi there,

I just got delivered a new Blueboard and I am happy to report that it works great with MS and Windows 10 1909! I use some cheap BT adapter that supports BT 4 LE. When you boot up up the Blueboard for pairing you have to press down either the B or C button to force it into one of the MIDI modes. After this it remembers the setting and is in action in less than a second when you power it on. In MS got to  settings -> midi-settings to program the action you want. Because of the 4 buttons one can also use a button C and D for toggling audio playback or metronome for example. Actually, after reading about this thing on the net and most people reporting that it is useless in windows (ios only), I am really surprised it works so well. I did even order an Airturn Duo at the same time , because I need a pedal right now and I assume the Duo would work in any case... 
However, there seems to be 1 drawback: All my other software does NOT see the Blueboard as a midi device. WHy, why why???

Ok, here is a little follow up on the last post. Here is what I found out so far:

1) Windows 10 with a BT LE adapter pairs with virtually any BT-LE pedal. This also the first step too use the pedal: go to the BT page in the windows settings and pair it.

2) Midi over BT-LE is a special protocol that the software, here MS, must support. Windows itself cannot do anything with the pedal on its own. Hence there is no standard midi port visible in your DAW for example

3) MS seems to work with this BT-midi protocol very well! No extra software piece required

4) There is a somewhat cluncky, but really functional App named MIDIBerry in the Windows app store that can accept commands from a BT-midi device and can act as a proxy to your DAW. Maybe you need some additional 'loop through' midi device to get it to work. The free LoopMIDI does this in software.

5) One advantage of using midi instead of regular keyboard commands is that MS listens to midi even when the MS UI is not in focus (you clicked outside the MS window). For example I use a metronome app alongside MS and often the metronome app has the focus.

Now to the pedal devices. 
As reported, the Blueboard works in midi mode. With the Midiberry and loopmidi you can also use it for your DAW. However, the Blueboard has no BT-keyboard mode and you cannot use it for turning slides in powerpoint for example. Another big negative for me is that it does not auto-switch off after a certain time. It uses 4 x AAA batteries. Config software is IOS only so I could not test this. On Android there is only a firmware updater. On windows - nothing. All plastic, not sure how durable it is. The Blueboard has 2 6.3mm TRS inputs for expression pedals, but I have not tried if they work and what they exactly do in the midi context. With a price below 80€ it is still a valid option for a 4 button pedal in the crowd of those way overpriced BT midi pedals

Airturn Duo
This is also a BT-LE device. Beside the keyboard emulation modes (2-6) , it has a midi mode (7). This mode works exactly as for the blueboard. The Duo version has only 2 switches but the actual controller can handle 4 switches. For makers: each 3.5mm TRS plug can be connect to 2 switches (switch1: RS, switch2: TS) , or you buy the quad version  Idea In contrast to to the blueboard there is a very nice Android app to configure the Airturn, where you can set the midi commands, power timeout etc. Downside is the price of 99€. 

Will test some more but I think I will keep the Airturn because it is so much more flexible.

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