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How to efficiently share library across multiple devices
Hi Mike and others,

I've been looking around on here but although there's a few threads on syncing libraries across multiple devices, I still haven't been able to figure out how to do it myself and I'm looking for help.

My partner and I share a Surface Book (separate user profiles) and we want to each have access to our combined sheet music library in our own profiles I also have a Surface Pro which I also want to use to access the library. All need to be kept in sync, but we don't want to have to duplicate our entire library three times to achieve this. In an ideal world, the files would live in the cloud and be pulled down 'as needed' so local hard drive space isn't used up.

I've tried setting the storage location of all three instances to the same OneDrive folder but that didn't work. Are there any other ideas?

Automatic syncing (eg on open/close) would be awesome, but I don't think this is a feature yet?

Tap the three dots at the top right corner of the library screen and then Sync Library->Sync to a cloud folder. This will upload your entire library to the selected folder (you want to use an empty folder as everything needs to be structured as needed by MobileSheets). Next, your partner would sync to the folder using a two-way sync. This will grab your changes and push your partner's changes up to the selected folder. Now you can sync to the folder again yourself to pull your partner's changes into your library. You and your partner and then both sync as needed to the folder to push/pull changes. This will not handle deletions properly though - if one of you deletes something that the other has in their library and you sync, it's going to recreate whatever was deleted. If you want to avoid this, you'd have to set the merge behavior to "Prompt user for decision" and then you'd have to choose exactly how to handle each conflict. I'm going to add history for deletions in the future that will allow me to write logic to figure out how to handle deleted objects during a sync. There are threads on the forum about why this is complicated if you want more information. I'm also going to explore automatic synchronization in the future, but this is going to be very complicated and I'm not sure how I want to handle it all at the moment. It's not like a file sync that is more simple in nature - when there are significant differences between the two libraries being synchronized, lots of complicated scenarios can come up.

You mentioned not wanting to duplicate your entire library three times - the synchronization feature is going to combine all the libraries into one. So I'm not sure if that is exactly what you are looking for or not. There is no way to have the files live in the cloud - MobileSheets is designed for offline access so that the library can be used in performances where no internet access is available. So all of the files need to be stored on the device. 


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