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Metronome click probability
I'm using MSP more and more for my practicing and since I have to use it anyways to show my sheet music, I'm using more and more of the additional features as well, to get rid of x other apps running parallel to do this and that. What I mean by that is especially the music player and the metronome.

This is a suggestion for the metronome: I found an app offering a setting for the click probability - so at each given beat, it may click or (if the likelihood is not 100%) it may not. This is a great task for me since I tend to playing with the metronome, in the way that I listen and react, but as a musician, I should finally be able to create the beat exactly all by myself, of course, and this forces me to do so: I have to be on beat no matter if it clicks or not - as soon as it clicks again, I'll know if I was before. Other than special metronome programming like speed changes, special beats and so on this only needs one little slider and hopefully very little programming, so maybe it will fit in some time...  Smile

What do you think? Probably this only makes sense for the audio part of it... but it might be a nice addition, I think.
It's certainly an interesting suggestion. If this will be helpful to people, I'm okay with adding support for it, as it shouldn't require much coding. As with the other enhancements, I won't be able to work on it for a little bit though.

Yes, I know, take your time for your current big steps before adding more smaller ones!  Smile
So until then, hopefully other users understand how helpful this might be and leave a short note here, too.
Did you try to reduce metronome speed by having it click on half or full notes instead of quarter notes? You can also practice to have the click appear on the 2,3,4 beat instaed of the 1.  I am a big advocate for metronome but to me the suggested mode sounds more like a musicians challenge than something for everyday use. Maybe I am wrong though
No, you're right. I was thinking the same. If you want to improve your time you can do it exactly like you suggested and IMO even better than with a click probability just excluding some clicks.
I'm not convinced it should be a metronome feature of MSP even if it's easy to code.
Hi, well, it might be not ultra-essential, more of a nice-to-have. Of course I practiced like you suggested, too. It keeps being predictable, of course, which the click probability is not. So somehow it combines many of the different slow metronome techniques with a kind of surprise effect, which I like. Did you try it yourselves?

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