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How do you add a break to a setlist?
I want to add breaks to a setlist but I haven't found that functionality. I've tried adding a blank song ("placeholder") called "Break", but that doesn't work because 1) it's visually the same as any other song and 2) it adds to the total number of songs.
Should I make a feature request or is this something I've overlooked?
Other users have asked for the ability to break up setlists in various ways. Some users want to just be able to insert labels (some users want colored labels), other users want setlists to be broken up into sub-sections so that they can calculate the duration of each section, some users want setlists to include other setlist, and others want MobileSheetsPro to insert a page with the words of the break/separator automatically. So adding some of this functionality is on my list, but I'm going to need to narrow down exactly what will be supported and how it will be managed in the UI. You can find a lot of posts on the forums such as these ones:


How are you wanting breaks to function?

I've attached screenshots from another app I've been using (SetlistHelper). One is a setlist for my band. The breaks are in grey. For each set the lengths of the songs are added up, which gives us an idea of its running time (although we mostly count the  number of songs). The other is a "setlist" I used during the lockdown: I would play two or three songs from my balcony; the "breaks" here were the days. After a few days, another musician joined me from his balcony and some days he would start, or I would, and this is a comment you can add to the break (or a change of instrument, for instance).

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So you just want visual indicators in the list to separate the songs and provide duration calculations. I'm assuming you don't actually want anything displayed when the breaks are reached when you are playing through the setlist and viewing the scores, correct?

That's right. Plus the ability to add comments.

my workaround using only existing features looks like this:
I use "dummy songs" as separators.

this works:
length = 0 prevents adding length
preceding dashes let them stand out in the setlist
the "next song indicator" announces the last song of a setlist
adding them to a separate collection "Separators" and a source type = separators allow filtering and separating them from 'real' songs

nice to have:
avoid increasing the number of songs in a setlist
different color in songlists (might also be useful to visualize e.g. swing / waltz / bossa or the like, so I'd recommend to implement it just as an addtional property of a song for maximum flexibility)

the provided examples look nice and useful
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