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Having trouble inserting notations
Hi.  I'm new and this is probably a very basic question, but I'm hoping for some help.  I apologize in advance as well if what I'm describing is hard to follow as I'm not sure I know all of the MobileSheets terminology.  

Anyway, I can't seem to insert flats or another notations to sheet music.  I open a piece of music on the screen in MobileSheets.  Then I click the arrow command, draw a text box and then to the left there is a box/menu that allows me to the set the size, pick the notation (flat, sharp etc.), select bold or italic -- I select a flat and it shows up below the box to the left of the music, but nothing inserts into the text box within the actual sheet music (I realize that what I'm describing may be hard to follow -- basically I can't figure how to paste notations into a text box).  I've tried hitting return, control c then control v, clicking within the text box etc.  I felt there has to be an insert or paste command that I'm not seeing. 

Any help would be appreciated.
If you read this forum post https://www.zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/f...2#pid29742 you will see that a beta is currently being tested that is providing a completely new annotations design. As part of that, stamps are being added that are font based and scale properly to any size. Proper sharp and flat icons will be available through the new stamp selection. You will be able to save favorites, so you could just add the sharp/flats to your favorites if you need to quickly access them. If you read https://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/Annot...design.pdf you can see screenshots of the new stamp selection. If you want to participate in the beta, let me know.

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