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Mobilesheets windows A4 format

I've been using the MobileSheetsPro app for a long time now. I mainly use the ability to import .chordpro files, which allows me to easily transpose songs on-the-go. However, for my fellow musicians I have to export the sheets to a PDF. Exporting songs from MSP app to A4 format pdf works well.

But my question is as follows. Is it possible to write the songs in an A4 format with the windows app (take Planning Center as an example), so you can easily write songs on the PC and immediately have them visualized on a sheet A4 format. I now have to make the songs fit on my tablet every time.

It seems so easy to do all this right on the PC. The problem with the windows app is that the .chordpro file sheets are formed to the screen, instead of an A4 size.

[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.87)]I hope it is clear.

I look forward to the response and thank you in advance.

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Chord pro files do not have a predefined size, and as of right now, they will always make use of all of the available space in the application window. Having said that, a user has requested the ability to override the dimensions for each page to more tightly control the rendered size of each page within the window. Once this feature is implemented, you could use this to force the page to be rendered to the aspect ratio and size of an A4 page, and that should make it easier to export to an A4 PDF or do whatever it is you need with an A4 sized page.


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