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On-Off Library Display Option for Zero Quantities in Genre, Keys and Source
It would greatly reduce clutter when viewing the Library tabs for Genre, Keys and Source if any options with a quantity of zero would not display, WITHOUT having to delete those unused options. For example, why do I need to see Dance, Death Metal and Disco when I click the Genre tab in my library if I have zero entries in my library for those genres?
The same thing goes for 0 items in D# or D#m in the Keys Tab or 0 items selected as Chord and Tab in the Source Tab.
Deleting the unused entries would accomplish what I am after, but then I lose what is already conveniently available which makes life easier, especially when choosing genres and keys.
Deleting would also increase the risk of creating multiple entries for the same thing because I didn’t remember how I entered it the first time. For example, if I delete D#m from the available options for key to make it go away, I may recreate it one day if needed as "D#m" and assign it, followed by "d#m" on another day and "D# minor" on yet another day…
…I’m sure you get the idea and the problems created with that.
What would be simpler and nicer is an ON-OFF option in the Library Setting to “Display Zero Quantities in Library Tabs.”
Or if it is easier and possible, have the Genre, Keys and Source Tabs display like the Collections or Composers Tab which only show what has been assigned, but NOT lose the entry options for Keys, Genres and Source already in the drop downs.
If there is presently a way to do this please enlighten me.

If not, thanks in advance for any consideration give to this suggestion!
I can certainly consider adding support for an option like that. The reason I haven't already added it is due to the fact that if you hide all of the entries with no songs in them, then you can't add songs to those entries unless you either switch the setting off or you edit songs and add the entries through the song editor. I'm not sure if it makes more sense to add this kind of setting under Settings->Library Settings or as an additional filter (shown when tapping the icon in the filter bar that looks like a circle with a downward arrow). I prefer Settings->Library Settings, but that is more tedious to access if users are going to be switching this setting frequently, so it might make more sense to put it under the additional filters and treat it as a filter like any other. 


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