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Problem export + 1 question

1/ I entered a pdf 93Mo with csv, it works very well.
I then extracted each title to have a pdf of each title,  it worked but big problem each title weighs heavier than the entire original pdf is 98Mo each, I end up with 48Go in all ! ! Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh

Question :

I plan to import as and when several PDF books with CSV, only there will be identical titles ( exactly) is that the titles will merge?

Merci pour votre aide.


Edit , for thread mobilesheet pro
If you are using the Share->Export files feature and you want to generate PDFs for each song, the settings you choose for the export are very important for determining what is generated. If you check the option to use the page order of the song, then it will generate a new PDF using only the pages needed by that song. If you select the option to "Export iOS copmatible annotations", it's going to have to generate entirely new images for every page, and the PDF library I'm using doesn't support compression, so the PDF will be many times larger than the original. It's highly recommended not to enable that setting unless you have a specific need for it.  Additionally, if you enable the option to "Draw highlights behind content", that will have to generate new images for every page of the PDF as well, because PDFs don't support a concept of putting an annotation behind the page content. So also uncheck that option unless you absolutely need it. As long as you leave those two settings off, you wil find that the PDFs that are generated during the export should be as small and fast, like the original. 

Unfortunately, I'm not sure I fully understand the question you have asked. If you are asking what happens if you select to create songs that have titles that already match ones in your library, the existing song will not be merged with the new song. It's going to create an entirely brand new song in your library. There is no option with the CSV import to update existing songs in the library at the moment.

If you want to split a fakebook PDF into separate PDFs for every song there are several tools out there that allow doing that.
e.g. https://pdfsam.org/ or https://tools.pdf24.org
We had lengthy discussions in this forum wether it makes sense to split or not. If you search the forum you can read the various opinions and find a number of helpful tools and workflows to split fakebooks.
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