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Auto Scroll and Aspect Ratio
Hi Mike - long time no complain to ;-)

You may remember a few years back I was seeking help with continuous scrolling for a set time per song?

Well, I have finally updated my monitor from a very old 4x3 Sony (one of the very early flat screens) set sideways to give a Portrait mode.

I now have a nice 16x9 screen, but I am having trouble with timing with the wider screen on songs where I have cropped sections where the music repeats, and this leads to some short segments that scrolled beautifully in 3x4 (portrait) on the old monitor, but are a problem on a 16x9 monitor.

I guess the reason is that some of the cropped pages have a short height and so tend to be widened on the screen - the fit height setting is the only one which really looks nice in my case. The short sections also act as if they are full full length pages in the 2 page mode, which means I might only get a single bar line on when that page is displayed - which I guess is by design....

It appears that the scrolling speed is constant, which is good, but with some section of the music "wider" and enlarged with a "greater" spacing between bars than a full A4 size. However, they scroll at the same speed as a full page, which of course throws out the scrolling.

Have a missed something in the cropping section? Is there a way to maintain the same width regardless of how much height is cropped off?

I did see something about maintaining aspect rations in another post. If that was an option in the cropping section, that might solve my issues.

Or do you have another solution that I have missed entirely.

John - from Sunny Carnarvon, Western Australia
Hello John,

There isn't currently an option in the cropping editor to maintain the original aspect ratio of the page while cropping. That is something I will need to add. You can either manage this yourself while adjusting the cropping dimensions, or you can go to the Zoom/Pan Settings (or Settings->Display Settings) and enable zooming out past 100%. You can then shrink your pages to fit the size you want, which could help with getting the scroll timing to match your requirements. 

Hi Mike,

Usual, your reply was swift and informative! I tried the Zoom beyond 100%, but it didn't help, but I have found a work around and some possible ?easy changes for the Windows version of Mobile Sheets.

I have attached some images of a Word document which was too large to add as an attachment. Hopefully you can read them.....

Executive Summary:-
When using “Scroll in a Fixed Time” and using a wide screen Windows monitor plus music which has been cropped to removed unwanted repeated sections, ie the height of some sections is different to the original page, cropping and repeating sections this way allows the song to be displayed as played, rather than having to go backwards to repeated sections. This is very powerful feature of Mobile Sheets. It seems that tone of the preset screen settings give an even “magnification” of the screen and a usable length when using “Scroll in a Fixed Time”. If set to screen width on a 16x9 monitor, only a few lines of music are available as the music is magnified to the full with of the screen.

Possible solution:- Constrain the width of the music display during “Scroll in a Fixed Time” to a preset of A4, Letter, or manually set, and automatically set the screen to the “Set to Width” setting

I tried to attach the music file but it was rejected.

John in Sunny Carnarvon Western Australia
If you think of A4 as a physical size, that wouldn't make sense to enlarge the page to that size on a screen that is too small to display it. If you think of it as an aspect ratio, that would cause the page to be stretched unequally in each dimension, and that stretching causes some amount of distortion. In general, I don't really think that makes sense as an option. Having said that, I do plan on supporting something similar with the cropping editor where I use A4 as an aspect ratio and adjust the cropping box to match that aspect ratio. 

Why can't you just start with "Fit Screen" as the stretching option and pinch zoom the page to the size you want? Then just adjust the scroll timing to match. This is essentially the same idea as having an A4 setting that would enlarge the page for you, but as I mentioned before, stretching a page that has an aspect ratio that does not match an A4 page means it's going to cause some undesirable stretching. If I limit the stretch to one dimension (make the width or height match A4, whichever is hit first), that is identical to just pinch zooming the page, and as mentioned before, that option doesn't really make sense on a screen that is too small to fit the page. 

I'm definitely not going to implement changes that suddenly change how the music is displayed while scrolling. It seems like a very strange scenario where you'd want the page displayed differently while scrolling versus how it is displayed by default.

Hi Mike,

You beat me to it. I was about to add a rider.

I can get the desired effect for page size by restoring down the screen to the correct width for A4 and then using screen width - which obviously narrows d the width of the music in a restored down position. Then everything works as desired for Timed Scrolling.

I am not trying to get the page to change size or width. I am trying to stop cropped pages that a shorter than a full page from being magnified if the screen height setting is used, and not hugely magnify everything if I use screen width on a 16x9 screen.

My 16x19 monitor is not a touch screen, so I can't zoom pinch. Is there a Windows equivalent the the mouse or keyboard? I have searched the manual, but can't find any commands.

On my laptop screen which is a touch screen, I have these settings for Pinch and Pan, but even though I have selected single page. Zooming one page still affects all the others.

In a nutshell, I have found a way to get my music so it is all the same "magnification" on a when scrolling with a fixed time. I can live with that...

John in Sunny Carnarvon - Western Australia.
To zoom in the Windows 10 version with a mouse, you need to hold control and use the scroll wheel. If you are using the vertical scrolling display mode, a different zoom level isn't saved per page. Just one zoom level is saved for the entire song. So that's why you can't zoom each individual page differently in that display mode. 

Hi Mike,

After trying the Zoom out with the Ctrl Mouse wheel as suggested, I got exactly what I was looking for. It's slightly more magnified than A4 on my screen, but also easier to read, so it just about does the trick for me...

John  in Sunny Carnarvon - Western Australia

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