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Snipping Tool
Greetings!  I have a PDF of six staves of music, showing the melody for voice.  I would like to insert a staff below each one for a bass part I'm writing.  Ideally I'd like to snip the first staff out, paste it down, then insert (or overlay, I suppose) a piano staff below it, then use stamps for the notes, bass clef, etc.  If I add a blank page to the song, it's not a PDF, and therefore I can't paste my snipped staff.  What would be a better way to accomplish this?

One option would be to generate a PDF with one or more blank pages that you could insert the snippets into. You could just rename a copy of that file every time you needed to use it for a different song. I don't plan on ever supporting snipped images in file types other than PDF because for image files, the image would be embedded on the page permanently and could never be removed (if it was saved in the image file itself), and for text/chord pro/blank pages, I would have to save the image in the MobileSheetsPro database, which is not something I want to start doing, as it would balloon the size of the database and could over time cause a lot of problems if a huge number of images were inserted over a large number of songs. Databases aren't really the best solution for handling big blobs of data like that. In theory I could save little image files next to the song files for every image created with the snipping tool, but that would introduce a huge can of worms when dealing with library backups/restores, library merges, and custom storage locations not managed by MobileSheetsPro.

In the future, I plan on supporting options for generating PDFs in MobileSheetsPro itself, so if you wanted to generate a PDF with 5 blank pages, that would be one of the options when generating blank pages in a song.

Good points.  I generated a blank two-page PDF and added it as a file to a new song.  I was able to copy a staff from my original file using the snipping tool, but it seems that it doesn't port over to a different song.  I long-pressed on the blank PDF, the "paste" button appeared, I tapped it, but nothing pasted down.
Are you using MobileSheetsPro for Android or MobileSheets for Windows 10? It shouldn't matter which version you are using, but I just tested on my Windows 10 device putting two songs in a setlist, going into the annotation editor, copying a region from one song with the snipping tool and pasting that into the other song. It seemed to work just fine. How are you currently testing? You can't currently use the snipping tool in one song, close that song, load another song, edit the annotations for that song and then paste the image from the original song. They both need to be in the same setlist, and you should page between them while staying in the annotation editor.

Ok...so both PDFs need to be attached to the same song? I opened a song, snipped a bit of that PDF, closed it, opened a different song (neither in any setlist, just in my library), and tried to paste. I am using MSP for Android.
I've been thinking about this some more, and I will modify the code to allow you to switch songs to paste it in another song without them having to be in the same setlist. This means the copied image is going to stay in memory the entire time, even while you aren't annotating, but as long as the selected image isn't too large, it shouldn't be consuming too much.

No, both PDFs don't need to be attached to the same song. You just have to load both songs as part of a single setlist. Long press one song on the library screen to select it, tap the other song to also select it, tap the three dots at the top right and select "Create Setlist from Songs". Name it Temp, load it, using the snipping tool, page over to the other song using the arrows at the bottom left, and then paste the image in that song. You can delete the setlist when you are done.

Ok, I did that. Snipped and pasted. How to keep the layer there when I close the command bar? I cannot find a "save" option. When I scroll back to the first song to do more snipping, my page where I pasted becomes blank again.

Sorry for all the back-and-forth...I did look in the manual first...

And THANK YOU for the absolutely excellent customer service!!
Exiting the annotation editor will save the changes automatically. Until you exit the annotation editor, the image you created using the snipping tool will be editable, so you can move it around or delete it. Once you exit and save, it will be saved to the PDF, and will no longer be editable unless you enable the option in the annotation settings to enable editing of embedded PDF annotations. Switching between pages while annotating won't cause the image created with the snipping tool to be written to the file, but it definitely shouldn't disappear. If you are seeing that, it may be a bug. I will investigate. In the meantime, you may want to paste the image, exit the annotation mode, go back in and make further edits.
I just tested that in Android - snipped an image from one song, paged over to another song, pasted it, went back to the previous song, selected another region to copy, went back to the song and the previous image I pasted was still there, and I could paste the second image. What do I need to do to reproduce what you are seeing? I may need a list of steps you went through.


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