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Duplicates in Songs list
My set lists are now sorted out but my Songs list has many duplicates.
If only there was a way for the list to display the date of songs so I could ID which ones to delete. (generally the older ones)
Perhaps there is but I'm missing it.
I'm not really sure why allowing duplicate song names in the same list/folder is ever a good thing

But I must say that before getting MobileSheets I tried out many similar Android apps and none of the others came close. I'm recommending it to everyone I play with.

Especially the ones who are still using paper song sheets on windy days!
There are sort options at the top of the Songs list/SetList/Collections screens; you can use this to sort by date etc.

However, doing this means that you can't also have the files in alphabetic order (there may be a way but I don't know it).
Ideally you want to display the name followed by the date so you can easily identify the duplicates and then choose the oldest version.
The manual explains how you can add extra fields in these displays (ADVANCED SONG TITLE FORMATTING).
Having cleaned up your library, you can remove this additional formatting (unless you want to keep it)
Just checked - I can't see a %%DATE%% option so this might not work.

Assuming you can use the companion:-
1) Run it
2) On the initial  display, scroll to the right hand side and this should display the Last Modified Column.
3) Drag this column header to the left so that it is visible when the song name is showing.
You can now identify the songs  and the dates they were last changed (or created).

Please note that you can only delete songs from the Songs page (deleting from Collections or Set Lists just removes it from the list); this prevents you moving them to a collection for subsequent processing.

Suggest you use the companion to back up the database before you start (just in case you delete the wrong file).
After cleaning up, make another backup so you have something to recover from if something catastrophic happens.

Personally, I have automatic updating of MSP disabled i.e. I have to update manually. 
Before each update, I take a backup (just in case the update causes a problem); I use this approach because some users have found an automatic update causes issues when they turn up for a gig.

"blowing pages" indicates that you are play outdoors - remember that paper can be read on a sunny day!

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
Sorting by date created with descending sort order (so the most recently created song is at the top) is the easiest way to select all of the duplicate songs and delete them. If you want to delete from the setlists, collections or any group tab, while viewing the songs inside the group, long press to start selection mode, select each song to delete, tap the three dots at the top right and then select "Delete Song from Library". That will permanently delete the song (which is the same as deleting from the Songs tab). There is a separate "Remove" action, but as Geoff said, that just removes the song from the setlist. It's set up this way to prevent users from accidentally deleting songs that they just wanted to remove.


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