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Quick Color Select for Pen and Select Tools
Hi Mike,

I thought this might be a cool idea for increasing workflow speed.

Instead of just having the box with your current color that you click to enter the color choosing menu, what if you added the recently used/user selectable colors to be stationed right next to the current color, which could be tapped to immediately change color without having to enter a menu? Maybe this could work for the select tool and the pen tool (which are really the only two I ever use), but I think it could probably work for others, too?

I figured there's already unused space next to the current color, so it wouldn't take up any more room.

I attached a very crudely made representation of what I thought it might look like! I hope you can make this feature happen, I think it would really speed things up in terms of editing time.


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I can certainly consider changes for making it faster to select recently used colors. Having said that, it doesn't take much effort to click the color, click the color you want (the most recently used ones should be visible in the top section), then tap the color againt to select it and close the dialog. So that would be three taps versus one, so it's certainly slower, but doesn't require any changes. I'm not opposed to something along the lines of what you've demonstrated in your picture though. I would just have to clearly show what the current color selection is by outlining the box in some way that shows the selection state while not conflicting with whatever color is shown (i.e. if I use an orange highlight but an orange color is selected, it wouldn't be clear that it was selected). Or I can do something similar to the color selection dialog where I put a checkbox in the box that is currently selected. 

Is there any reason you aren't utilizing the favorites feature? That's honestly the fastest way to switch between pens of different colors. You can set up favorite pens in each color you use at the size you typically use, and then just tap that in the favorites popup which you can leave open for quick switching. Then you never have to access the pen settings dropdown or the edit popup.

I do use the favorites feature for a bunch of different pen size/color combinations, but usually I find that by the time I realize I wanted to write something in a different color, I've already started writing whatever it might be. Then I end up using the select tool and changing the color that way. I guess it would just be easier all around to just change the favorite first, then write. Still, I guess if you don't mind adding the feature, I'd enjoy it. I know you probably don't want it to get too clunky.

As far as the favorites menu, is there a way to make it so that it closes itself after I selected a favorite?

Thanks again!
Surface Book 3 15"
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Not at the moment - it used to work that way, but I got feedback that users didn't want two different ways of accessing the favorites (a dropdown and a popup window). So I removed the dropdown that would disappear after clicking away and there is now only the popup that stays up. You can toggle the layout of the favorites window though (the icon at the top left) to make it a single vertical or horizontal line of icons. It takes up less space that way.


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