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Update slave from master
When a tablet (master) is controlling another tablet (slave), it would be nice if I could push changes to a song (ChordPro, or annotations) made on the master to the slave with just the push of a button.
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I have gotten that request before, and I'm trying to consider the best way to implement something like that. There is no guarantee that the slave has the exact same song in the library (as you can technically load different versions of the same song on each tablet), so I would have to try to put some checks in to warn the user if they are trying to push changes to a song that isn't the same on the other tablet. Pushing files over bluetooth also is pretty horrible, so I would prefer to limit it to just sending metadata or annotation changes. I think I would need to implement this similar to how the library sync works where I perform a merge on the other device and only sync what is necessary. Otherwise packaging something like a .msf would just be too slow over bluetooth. I could also limit this feature to just WiFi for large data transfers and just package and send a .msf, overwriting the song on the other device and reloading it. That would be the brute force/simple approach to handling it.


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