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Importing chordpro meta midi send/receive, font colours
I would like to convert a large song library from chordpro files (Onsong export) using the Notepad++ text editor instead of assigning midi to each song in MSP.
I was able to replace songid, keywords
{number: 463}> {meta songid 463}

Is there any meta command for:
-Send midi on Song Load
-Load song on Receive midi
If not then possibly some way to edit the library file for that
I found MSP to prefer cc / value, but that's not a problem.

This is my old format for song 463:
{midi: N4:63@13}
{midi-index: N4:63@13}

I'm also looking for a way to add italics, bold, font-colour and font-background color to chordpro

Thanks for any help
MIDI commands cannot currently be configured through chord pro files. You would have to edit the song and modify the MIDI settings on the MIDI tab, as the MIDI information is saved in the database. I can certainly consider supporting setting up MIDI commands through chord pro commands once time allows. In the meantime, if you wanted to do this yourself without having to use the song editor, you'd have to run database queries to update all of the necessary tables. It will be somewhat complex to do this, as you'll have to run all of the same queries that the app would run while setting up the commands. 

As far as italics, bold, font color and font background color, those are going to be supported once I add the necessary code for the pango markup syntax. You can currently change the color for chords (and make them bold or italic), but that's about it.

Sciurius' MSPro-Tools might be of help.
Import your ChordPro files into MSP and edit a few examples manually.
Then export the MSP database with get_meta.pl
Try if editing the export file and writing it back with upd_meta.pl is helpful in your case.
Be sure to make a backup before or use a separate database for your experiments.
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It looks a bit complicated, but I'll try to see if it works.
Regardless of the method, most importantly, MSP has this great option to send and recall songs via midi.

Thanks for the quick reply and information Smile.

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