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Import fake/real book PDFs

I installed MSP on an old Android tablet some years ago, and then got distracted and never came back to it.

I have a number of fake/real books in PDF format, and was wondering if I can import them into MSP, and be able to search for and access individual lead sheets. iGigPro has this feature.

Searching here on the forum, I notice a lot of references to CVS files. Are these files that are imported into MSP together with the PDFs themselves, to construct a library able to directly access specific tunes within these PDFs?

My apologies if this has already been asked. I've searched for an intro/tutorial, but can't find anything.

Many thanks,
Never mind the asking. 

You got it right already though. That's how it works with the csv files.

There is a whole subforum devoted to this you should have a look at. 

Hello BRX, many thanks for the reply.
I've looked at the three "sticky" threads on that page.

  • The first describes how add the CSV to a PDF =>this allows navigation to a given song, when not using MSP
  • The second describes how to share CSV files
  • The thrid describes how to generate the CSV from inside MSP => this assumes that the MSP environment including imported PDFs has already been configured
These are special cases.

The normal case is to import new PDFs with the accompanying CSV file to create the indexes and references within MSP for the new PDF file(s).

It's quite self explanatory if you have already a CSV for a PDF or PDFs. You should download a CSV file if you haven't already and look at the structure.

And yes, if you can't use a preexisting one it's a lot of work to create the CSV because this has to be done manually.
Many thanks for taking the time to reply.
I've decided to stick with iGigBook - much simpler to import, and no PC software needed.

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