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Midi key signature
My Korg pa600 has a songbook feature that loads keyboard settings, styles, sounds, tempo etc when MobileSheets displays a song. The songbook uses preset styles that allows midi as backing support, but often the midi song key is different from the sheet music shown by MobileSheets. Transposing is an option, but slows down the playing. Can I rewrite the midi file somehow to use the same key as the sheet music?

I imagine you could load the MIDI file in any editor that supports transposing, transpose the MIDI file and save it back out. Would that work for what you are trying to do?

By transposing "slow(ing) down the playing" do you mean that transposing in your head requires you to play slower or using the built-in sequencer to transpose the song makes the song play slowly or takes extra effort to get the song ready to play?

Surface Pro 7 with MSP
Thanks Mike, I'll search the web for a suitable editor.

Sorry for the confusion Samibe, I was talking about the key signature. When I select a song to play on the Korg, using the midi link from my MobileSheets laptop, the link opens the Songbook (included in Korg PA keyboard) it sets up the keyboard to preset values, selecting sounds, tempo & a Style.
It also can use a midi music file for backing, and may also provides extra sounds to fill out the music. If the key signature displayed on the music page is 'C' but the midi song is playing in 'F', then I need to correct either the printed notes or the midi playback, so it doesn't sound horrible. I could then have several midi songs to match duplicate copies of the music when they are in different keys.
Looking through the Korg manual, it looks like it might be possible to use the built in sequencer to transpose the midi files and then overwrite or save a copy of the songbook file entry.

Page 183, maybe.

Surface Pro 7 with MSP

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