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Chose a specific layer for all songs in a setlist?
Is there a way to have a certain layer chosen for all songs in the setlist when the setlist is loaded?

If I am playing bass at a gig with a certain band, I scribble certain notes on each chart of the band's setlist during pratice.
But if I play the same song in another band, I will have different notes on another layer.

If a setlist could auromatically activate a specific layer on all songs for that setlist, it would be a time saver,
because of not having to change the active layer manually for each song individually for the whole setlist.

Hello Dan,

At the moment, there is no way to change layers for an entire setlist at once. You can utilize the "Go to next layer" touch action to cycle through layers quickly though (so you would only need to tap on the corner for each song, for example). I have discussed the upcoming song versioning feature in various posts on the forum, but that would give you the ability to do what you are describing. You could have one version of the song for each band, and then you wouldn't have to cycle through layers, becuase you could just assign the version you need for each band to separate setlists. My goal is to release the song versioning update a little layer in the year.

Thanks for the reply, Mike.

I am already eagerly waiting for song versioning.
This adds another good reason to have that feature.
In the meantime, I will do it as you described.

Thanks for the good program and your dedication to improving it.


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