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Shuffled setlist to Manual
Hi Mike

Having shuffled a setlist, I tried to reorder one of the items and it wouldn't allow me to because the order wasn't set to manual(I was expecting it to move the item and change the sort from Shuffle to Manual)

Found I could press the 3 dot overflow menu and Save as manual ordering (I think in the past I have always created a new setlist to contain the shuffled items so thi is something I've learned)

Having saved the set list with the new Manual order, the top line still shows SORT:SHUFFLE; it would make more sense if MSP changed this to SORT:MANUAL

Keep up the good work

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
When you save the shuffled or as the manual order, it's not switching the sort mode that is currently selected. Granted, I could do that if people think that is more intuitive. However, I could just as easily see someone saving the shuffled order as the manual order, but then reshuffling for a different order.  So it's not a bug that SORT: SHUFFLE is displayed at the top, because even though you saved the shuffled order as the manual order, you are still in the shuffled sort order (and you could reshuffle in the overflow menu). 

It just makes more sense to me that the mode reflects the order of the list (which is now equivalent to "manual").
I suspect that, because it still says shuffle, the user will now be prevented from moving another item manually (they would have to change to Manual sort first).
If it automatically changed to manual, the user can reshuffle by changing the sort mode back to Shuffle.

It's not a big deal to me; it just seems an inconsistency.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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