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Using S3 Bucket for Sync

it would be really nice to have AWS S3 Buckets for Sync. And there is an SDK for Android and IoS:

I'm not sure, which language is the Windows Version but AWS has SDKs for several languages.

If you need help with AWS or a Test S3 Bucket you can just ask me

There is going to be an update later this year that focuses on adding support for pcloud/owncloud/etc, and I can look into supporting AWS S3 Buckets around that time. I will certainly take you up on your offer to help with this though, as I'm unfamiliar with what is necessary to integrate support for that on each OS along with the ability to test it.

Really great to hear support for other cloud providers is planned. I assume webdav support is part of this?

I wonder whether it would be easier to just support syncing to a local folder and let the user worry about where the files in that folder come from. On Windows this would work well. Perhaps not so much on Android I guess.

I use the Windows version of Mobile Sheets on a Surface Pro and it works really well. Very happy! Keep up the good work!
Yes, webdav support is also part of the planned changes. If you change the MobileSheets storage location (Settings->Storage->Set MobileSheets Storage Location) then you can technically just sync to whatever that location is. The sync feature is a lot more complex than just a simple file-based sync at the moment in order to support merging libraries versus just replacing all of the files with whatever the latest version is. I am considering supporting a more automated sync that is just file-based as well, in order to support people who don't care about merging libraries, but care more about just keeping multiple devices in sync with each other. This could result in changes being overwritten or lost though, if you change the same song on multiple devices as the most recent database would overwrite the other. Due to how fragile this could potentially end up being, I may have to make it a little more complex in order to intelligently handle changes from multiple libraries.

Well, this probably got sidetracked because of all the attention you needed to spend on the iOS version. So I understand why you couldn't realise it "later this year" in 2022.

But could you tell us where and when you think you can work on this? I'm especially looking forward to pcloud support since that's what
I really could use for cloud sync with very big databases and files because of their nice lifetime offers for cloudspace.
Yes, I have not forgotten about it and it's really high on my list of things to do. The iOS version took longer than expected to finish, but I should have the bandwidth after the next major update to work on this. The only question is whether I work on it before the song versioning update or after. Both are demanded frequently by users. I think supporting more cloud services will probably take less time than the song versioning and be easier to test in isolation, so I may try to release it first, but that depends on how often I'm getting requests for each.


I don't mean to hijack the Op's thread,
however I and others have been waiting for versioning since at least 2016, if not before.
PLEASE, PLEASE Mike, consider versioning as a priority.


PS: Sorry kabakakao, don't be offended, we have been waiting a long time for this.
No worries versioning sounds great also.
For now I have a solution for me as I am using OneDrive for backup and sync Wink
Certainly would be great to see versioning bumped up the list a bit
That matches my understanding - I believe it's one of the most widely requested features at the moment, along with library synchronization filters and an automatic library synchronization feature for users that just want to keep all their devices the same. I think facial gestures are also being requested pretty frequently, so that has risen a bit on the priority list. The plan is still to get the chord pro features added first as that's currently my highest priority and what I had planned for.


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