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The display turns off for a few seconds
I have been using a 10.4" Realme pad for a short time now. My problem is the following: from time to time the screen turns off for about 3 or 4 seconds and then comes back on. This happens both in normal mode and in performance mode. Interestingly it happens shortly after interacting with the display.
It is not a problem with the tablet settings, as in all other applications it works fine and this does not happen.

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When you say the screen turns off, does that mean everything on the entire screen goes black, or are you just seeing some parts of the application as being black? The reason I ask is that MobileSheets does not have the ability to turn on and off the screen, so even though you aren't seeing this with other applications, it still sounds like some kind of hardware issue to me. It may just be by chance that you haven't seen it with other applications. If you go to Settings->Display Settings and uncheck the "Fullscreen mode" option and ensure the "Hide the navigation bar" setting is also disabled, do you still encounter the issue? If you go to Settings->Other Settings->Keep Screen On, have you tried turning that to "Disable" to see if that fixes the issue? Those are the only three settings related to the screen, so it's worth checking if the problem goes away when they are all turned off.

Thank you for the quick response. In other applications where the screen is permanently on I have not seen it (Youtube, video, etc) I find it strange that it is a hardware problem, because sometimes within a few minutes of viewing a score with MobileSheets I already have the problem of momentary screen shutdown. And that never happens with other applications. It is very strange, the screen turns off completely, and at that moment even if I touch the screen, it does not react, after a few seconds it turns on again. Anyway I will check the settings you have recommended.

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