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how do I get the Scrolling icon
There is a little Icon that lets me select scrolling types, but it is embedded in a menu embedded in another menu.

how do I find it quickly?

A number of really useful features are embedded in menus that are embedded in other menus, sometimes 3 or more levels deep.  It might be popular to have a "shortcuts" feature to find/get to things used a lot directly
Tap the bottom right corner to bring up the quick action box, then tap the bottom icon to start automatic scrolling or long press the icon to bring up the scroll settings. That is the shortcut to access those features. You can also long press the right icon in the quick action box to assign some other shortcuts to it. In the future, I will be expanding the quick action box to support more configurable options, so that will essentially act as the fastest way to access shortcuts. Otherwise you can use touch actions to trigger many things, so I would suggest utilizing that.

My "touch menus" seldom come up when I touch an area on the screen.
I use a small mouse.

I'm not sure if this is a hardware issue.
It's definitely hard for me to say what's going on with that without more information. If you go to Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings, did you uncheck "Enable USB Mouse Processing" so that the mouse is just used in the same manner as a finger? Also ensure that "Treat Mouse Click as Pedal Press" is unchecked as well. If those two settings are disabled, the mouse should trigger functionality just like a finger would, so let me ask this - do things work better if you tap with your finger? 


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