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suggestion: "release" button on song editor - files tab
I brought this up earlier, but now I have a concrete suggestion to make.

On the song editor - files tab (as shown on page 47 of the manual), there is a line that says "page order____ pages in file____"

Right beside that there could be a button that says "release".  When you click on release, it would allow you to page forward through the pdf file that's currently active.  When you get to the last page of the song, you could click "release" again (or maybe now it says something like lock instead?) and then you have your complete song in the record.

The work flow would be something like this.  My song starts on page 47 and goes past that for an unknown number of pages.

The Page Order line says 47, Pages in File 1

Click on Release.

Start clicking on the forward arrow in the lower right to get to where I can see the end of the song.  I clicked three times and now I'm on page 50 but that's the start of the next song so I click the back arrow once to go back to page 49.

Click Release again to disable it.

Now the Page Order line says 47-49, Pages in File 3

Of course this wouldn't be universally applicable for stuff that requires going back and forth through the file in a non-standard order (page 3, page 4, then back to page 3, then forward to page 5), but a big percentage of songs don't require that and those that do can just be edited in the same way they get edited now.
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