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Slave tablets don,'t stop scrolling
Hi there
First post here about a similar issue from 2017.
I've just finished the setup on three tablets. Mine is the master which should control the other two (slaves). I have an Airturn 106 with four pedals on the board. Pageshift left and right. Scrolling up and scrolling down.
My problem is when I stop scrolling on the Master tablet, the two slaves continue their scrolling. If I then kick the stop pedal once more...they slaves stops. But now the Master is running ?‍♂️
Any help appreciated ?
All three tablet are currently running the latest version of MS 3.5.9


What pedal actions do you have assigned? Scroll down and turn page if at bottom and scroll up and turn page if at top? Or are you utilizing a different pedal action or automatic scrolling? I'll need all the details so I can set up an identical test to see if I can reproduce what you are describing. How are you stopping the scrolling on the master tablet? Are you saying the follower tablets are ignoring a pedal action or are you stopping the scrolling in some other fashion?

Pedal 1 and 2 are assigned go to previous page and/or go to next page. Pedal 3 scroll to the bottom of the page. Pedal 4 scroll to the top of page. I stop the scrolling by pushing either pedal 3 or 4.
I've tried the Scroll down and turn page if at bottom and scroll up and turn page if at top
 with no effect. 
So with the scroll to the bottom settings it goes Like this. Push pedal 3 all tablets are scrolling. Second push on pedal 3. Master stops scrolling but the slaves are still scrolling. Third push on pedal 3, slaves stops scrolling but now Master is scrolling. Fourth push on pedal 3 none of the pedals are scrolling. I'd really apreciate a fix for this so I can rely on the intended function

Hi Mike
Any progress in the case?


I haven't had a chance to dig into this issue yet as I've been spending every available second on either customer support or trying to finish the iOS version as I'm in the final stretch and want to get the beta started as soon as possible. I recognize that this is a significant issue for you, so I will try to do something about it as soon as I can (meaning within a week or two). I have not received messages from any other users that have had issues with this capability though, so it does not seem to be a problem for most users. That is not to say that there is not something that needs to be adjusted or fixed - just that the fix will not have a large impact among most users.

Thanks Mike for your reply
I'll cross my fingers and wait and see if something can be done.



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