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Show full set list when relocating entries
Hi Mike

I typically use the Edit mode to re-order titles in a set list

Recently, I have started just typing in a new position number (tap left hand number and type).
I'm doing this because, when re-ordering, I would rather the fill width of the tablet be used for the displayed name rather than half the width being used to show potential songs I could add.

Typing the number works fine but, for a "decent" sized setlist, there some songs become hidden under the virtual keyboard.
e.g. 23 entries in set list
display the list
Tap the left 9 and type 10 DONE
The Keyboard remains visible
Scroll the set list to the bottom (some of it scrolls) - you can't display anything below 19 without cancelling/hiding the keyboard

Cancel the keyboard

Move 21 to 20, the last scrollable entry is now 21 (22 and 23 are under the keyboard)

Not really important, it has just annoyed me enough this time to report it.

Thought: Having pressed DONE, one has to select a different index number before the keyboard can be used again.
Why can't you just automatically hide the keypad after the item has been relocated? - the rest of your logic should then work fine.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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