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Metronome volume
Hello, I've created a setlist and each song has it's own tempo setting in the metronome.  When scrolling to the next song in the setlist, the volume drops significantly regardless of what Beat Sound FX is chosen.  Accent First Beat is not selected for any of the songs.

The app is pretty much useless to me without a fully functioning metronome.  I was using songbook pro prior to trying Mobilesheets and up until this metronome issue, I wouldn't have considered going back to SBP.

I need to get this resolved asap for an upcoming show this weekend.  

Thanks in advance for any assistance!!
The metronome volume can be adjusted independently for each song. Can you please bring up the metronome for those songs and verify that the volume is set to 100% for each song (or at least the same value)? I just tested this on my Samsung Tab S4, and the metronome volume was consistent when switching between songs. If you are seeing different behavior even with the volume set to the same thing on each song, please long press the Setlist, tap Share->Export songs and files and send the .msf file to mike@zubersoft.com so I can take a look at it.

Hey Mike, I found the issue and thankfully it wasn't software related.  Im using inears and bought a USBC converter which seems to be distorting the audio.  When I unplugged and just used the tablet speakers, the sound was perfect.  Also tried USBC headphones which were also fine.  I'll need to return that adapter and hopefully find one that works.
I'm glad you were able to determine the cause of the issue. Thanks for the update.


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