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Exporting annotated place-holders as PDF

Thank you for this nice pice of software.
I want to describe a strange behavior when exporting PDFs.

Thank you,


OS: Android 11
Device: Samsung Tab S10 A

Placeholders are Pieces that can be created when editing a collection or setlist.
Placeholder contains a blank page by defaults
Annotations can be added to the blank page of a placeholder.

I want to export a placeholder's blank page with annotations as PDF.

When exporting a placeholder, the file that is produced is named "(invalid)" and has no extension.
By adding a PDF extension, the file can be opened as a normal PDF file, the content corresponds to the placeholder content.

The name of the exported file should correspond to the title of the placeholder and have a PDF extension.
I'm going to need more information on what process you used to export the placeholder. I selected a placeholder song, tapped Share->Export files, and on the export settings dialog, it has a field where you can enter the name you want to use. The file that was produced was named exactly as I had specified. I also need to know what version of MobileSheets you are running which you can find under Settings->About.

Hello Mike,

I am using "v3.6.2 From Google Play"

My export method:
1. long press to select files
2. chose "file system browser" for the selection of the destination
3. check "Use piece titles as filenames"

I did some tests and:
if I chose the "local file" option at export and check "Use piece titles as filenames", the file is correctly exported with the correct title.
If I chose the "local file" option at export, and uncheck "Use piece titles as filenames", the string I enter as filename is appended to the piece's title to make the final filename.

Thank you,


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