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Known issues with MobileSheets iOS beta version 1.0.0 (Build 4)
Build 4 has been released, and with it a huge number of bug fixes.  A link is provided below to the full list of fixed issues with build 4. If I haven't addressed your bug report yet, know that I'm working through them all and will get to it for the next build. I just wanted to get build 4 out to address some common crashes that users are seeing.

Fixes in build 4: https://www.zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/f...-9259.html

This is the list of known issues with build 4:

1) With some PDFs, users were encountering weird discoloration issues. This was happening with the default PDF library (Settings->Display Settings->Render Preference->Quality). Until this issue is addressed, MobileSheets will always use the "Speed" render preference (which is a separate PDF library) regardless of what is selected in the settings. This has not been an easy issue to fix, so this was done to prevent issues while I look into it.
2) The MIDI listen dialog does not create a batch MIDI command when the + icon is tapped
3) When synchronizing to OneDrive, a login request is brought up, and then a second login request is brought up when the sync is started. I seem to be unable to accurately reproduce this issue, but will continue to investigate it.
4) One user reported a sync to a OneDrive folder got stuck at 12%
5) One user reported the "Next up song bar" was not displayed correctly when set to "On the last page before next song".
6) Backup restores from Google Drive and Dropbox failed for some users. Need to determine the cause as it has worked so far for me. 
7) Zooming in on PDFs was reported as being "jerky"
8) .svg files do not render the same as on Android and Windows
9) Share->Share Files is not displaying the share popup
10) Dialog buttons are overlapping in some languages. 
11) Snippet creation not working properly
12) (FIXED) Alphabet letters showing up incorrectly for groups and tapping a letter causes a crash
13) Users are experiencing issues restoring/synchronizing large libraries. Additional investigation is needed along with a way to reliably reproduce problems.
14) Song format dialog allows format string fields to expand past the edge of the dialog
15) Smart buttons are not rendering as desired and size needs to be adjusted
16) Smart button dialog is incorrectly showing file selection when displayed, MIDI list has no border and actually extends too far down
17) (FIXED) Orientation lock does not work properly (both the per song lock and the Force Orientation setting under Display Settings)
18) (FIXED) Metadata directory format dialog does not show up correctly

These are posts from users that need to be investigated:



Thanks Mike for fixing the restore issues. Now I’m really able to dig in. 

2 small issues, so far:

1. On the ¨batch import¨ screen, I am unable to edit the metadata fields formatting. 
A window pops up asking to “enter directory format” but there is no form (see screenshot)

2. On the “batch edit" screen, the OK and Cancel buttons are overlapping in the top right corner and unable to click them (also screenshot attached)

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Wenn man in den Setlisten, Interpreten oder Sammlungen seitlich zum filtern einen Buchstaben auswählt stürzt die Software komplett ab. bei den Songs funktioniert das korrekt.
Gruß Roland
With build 4 I see progress updates in tablet sync + library restore modes.
Tablet sync, however, hangs somewhere during the song transfers. 
Library sync completes with a success notification. But the app crashes upon returning to the main page / upon (re)starting.

I've submitted the crash report, in case that might help.

It's progressing quickly, thanks for your hard work.
Glad to see several issues I reported for earlier builds fixed. 

I still see an issue with snippet creation. The key problem appears to be that page references aren't happening correctly - so the snippet is pointing to incorrect page numbers (like 0, 0).

Also still seeing a problem with incorrect annotation stamp symbols.

The app has come a long way since the first Beta build. It is looking really good! I've already had an opportunity to use it in performance (had a backup just in case).

Thanks for all your work and your responsiveness to user feedback.

Beim sortieren einer Playlist nach Alphabet, ist die Leiste mit den Buchstaben rechts nahezu endlos und die Reihenfolge etwas konfus. Beim anklicken eines Buchstaben passiert nichts

Beim erstellen eines neuen Songs direkt mit der Kamera wird das Bild nach dem Fotografieren nicht in die Datei eingefügt
Diebat - can you please long press that setlist on the Setlists tab, tap Share->Export song list and send the .mss file to mike@zubersoft.com? I'd like to see if I can reproduce the alphabet letter list issue using the song titles in your setlist. If I'm unable to reproduce it, I may need to know which settings you've changed under Settings->Library Settings related to sorting.

Still can't restore my big 60k+ database on the iPad. I made a backup on Windows (about 25 GB) which I couldn't upload to dropbox, gdrive or onedrive because of its size. I transferred it to pcloud where I have enough space and then made it available offline on the iPad so I could use a local restore. Didn't work though, maybe because of it size or not reading it properly from the sandboxes.

Backing up my small test library to dropbox didn't work either. To local iPad/iCloud worked though.

The sync of my big database (win10 surface book server to client iPad Pro 2021 oneway) now started the initializing and comparing fine, so that's progress. But it lost the connection first time at about 1 %, second time at about 5 %. On the surface the server stopped running and had to be created anew for the next try.
earhere - what type of device are you testing on? I'm trying to reproduce the issue with the batch edit screen and the overlapping buttons at the top right, and I'm not having luck on either an iPad Pro or regular iPad. I can test other models with a simulator but it would help if I can try to match your device.

(11-22-2022, 06:08 PM)Zubersoft Wrote: earhere - what type of device are you testing on? I'm trying to reproduce the issue with the batch edit screen and the overlapping buttons at the top right, and I'm not having luck on either an iPad Pro or regular iPad. I can test other models with a simulator but it would help if I can try to match your device.


Hi Mike, I'm on an Ipad Pro (3rd gen) 12.9 inch running Ios 15.2
Also... is there a touch option whereby touching right side of screen only turns pages forward and not go back to the beginning of the score when at the last page?
When sight reading I like to peek ahead sometimes to see what's coming on subsequent pages and when I'm at the last page, tapping right will then go back to beginning of the score...which I don't want...I'd prefer it to stay at the last page.
Hi Mike,
first of all the app works great. My 500+ song library was imported successfully on the first try via Companion from Win10.
I only ran into two little issues during my first tests on my iPad 6 running on iOS 15.5:
  • Like Diebat already mentioned: I'm unable to add a new song as well. Neither by Camera nor using the PDF import function.
  • I use the half page view to switch pages in two steps. Although when zoomed in a little I'm not able to switch pages.
    (Just found out that this issue occurs on the Android-App as well. but due to a larger screen it never bothered me).

Unfortunately I don't know weather those issues were reported before by other users.

Thank you for this great app


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