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Can I add a placeholder to a setlist without adding it to the rest of the library?
Hi, I'm new to MB and would like to add a placeholder song to my setlist (that I have figured out, with the three dots menu), however doing that also adds the song to the global library, which was not my original goal. Can I create a placeholder which exists only in the respective setlist? I would use this during concerts, when I don't sing all of the pieces during a concert.

Another thing is, the placeholder is a blank page, but I would like to see the title of the placeholder written on the page automatically on creation.
Unfortunately, no, not right now. A placeholder is just a song at the moment, although you can reuse the same placeholder song in as many setlists as you want. Some users create songs as dividers for this purpose. I do plan on adding dividers and such for setlists in the future that aren't actually songs.

I have also received that feedback that users would like an option for blank pages/placeholders to display the song title without having to add an annotation for this, so I'm considering that in a future update as well.

Thank you for the fast reply!
Ok, good to now that I don't have to dig through MS if I perhaps overlooked something. Looking forward for this feature to be implemented.

Some of my placeholders are PDF files some are ChordPro.
They are in a separate collection to simplify filtering.
The "song" names of the separators start and end with --- (three dashes), so they all show up on the Songs tab sorted under # and they are somehow recognizable in setlists.
ChordPro files can be easily edited "on the fly" within MSP
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I just zz_ at the start of the name - this pushes them to the bottom of any collection that they are added to

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