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Just can't get my head around metronome based scrolling
I've been struggling with setting up autoscroll. In my experiments it seems that metronome based scroll speed is useful, just I cannot see how it is intended to work.
I set up a pause time (which is a fixed time), then the only thing the metronome affects is the speed of scrolling. This is not bad, but it would make sense for me to make the metronome affect the pause time as well.
If I set up the scrolling to "whole song" on metronome time, I'm really lost what that does.
Can someone enlighten me a bit, or give some tips how to set up. Like I have a score of 2 pages, in a bpm of 75, 3 lines in a row, 7 lines on a page.
I don't know how others do it but this is what I do:-
Adjust the Scrolling Settings
1. Bring up the overlay
2. Tap the down arrow head in a circle (bottom left most icon)
3. Tap Scroll Settings
4. Scroll Behaviour: Scroll Continuously to End
5. Pause: 0 seconds (or a small number)
6. Scroll Speed: Medium
7. Time Before Scrolling: 120 seconds (adjust for time taken to play to near the bottom of the first page)
8. Bottom two options unchecked
9. OK

Select Display Mode (4th icon from left at bottom of overlay)
1. Song Settings: Uncheck "Use default display for song"
2. Display Mode: Vertical Scrolling
3. OK

This works fine for two page songs although it is a pain sometimes if you have forgotten whether you tapped to start scrolling (no visible indication after the starting message disappears). It is also a problem if you forgot to tap at the start as the delay is now longer than the time left to the bottom of the page! With long delays, you keep wondering if it is going to scroll as the bottom of the first page approaches.

A better approach could possible be to use a short delay and start the scrolling as you near the bottom of the page  (you pick a suitable place when playing).
This has the advantage that it should start scrolling fairly quickly after the tap (no wondering if it will work).

Someone did suggest that you could play the song through in real time and tap at the appropriate scrolling points; MS could then use the same time delays when subsequently playing the piece. I'm not sure whether Mike is intending implementing this at some point but it would make it much easier to set up the long interval in my method (I have to find a stop watch and play the piece about 5 times to get it all set up; primarily because I only have a few 2 page songs and I have to remember how to do it each time).

You can mess around with different scroll speeds, but to my mind, if you have more than two pages, you probably want to use a foot control to turn pages (or control scrolling) as and when you want them (I consider bluetooth page turners expensive for what they do; usb are cheaper but require a cable)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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