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Text phrases as a custom stamp
During the trial work, recurring text phrases often appear as comments. It would be nice if you could save such text phrases as a user-defined (text) stamp so that you don't have to type them in completely every time. This would significantly speed up the entry of such comments.
That's an interesting idea. There's a couple of different ways I could go about handling this. I could add an entirely new UI that users could utilize to save annotations to be used kind of like stamps, or I could modify the user section of the stamp window to also allow annotations to be saved as a custom stamp. If I saved annotations a stamp, the simple approach would be to convert the rendered annotations into an image file that could be placed like any other stamp (that would allow the code to continue working as-is). A more complex approach would be to add a new type of custom stamp that is just a collection or one or more other annotations, although this would require saving that annotation information somewhere, so it would most likely end up in a file anyways, just in a different format. The benefit of this complex approach is that it would be the same as copying/pasting annotations where you can then modify any of those annotations if needed, whereas with an image file, there would be no way to modify it. 

Are you imagining that you would want to just drop the text stamp on the score and not modify it, as it if it were an image? Or were you envisioning being able to place it on the page and then modify it afterward?

Of course it would be ideal if you could also edit the "text stamp". Turning the text into a non-editable graphic where I could then use it in the custom stamps like the other stamps would be very useful as well. Then all frequently used stamps would also be in a selection window

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