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PDF bookmark order
I have some large PDFs (such as a Beatles anthology) with over 100 songs.  The PDFs have bookmarks which are in alphabetic order.  I have imported the PDF (as a single song) into MobileSheets with the "convert PDF bookmarks to MobileSheets bookmarks" option on.  When I view the bookmarks, they always appear in page number order.  This makes it time consuming to find a specific song.  An option to respect the PDF order (vs. defaulting to page order) would be very helpful.

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You could use pdf2csv by Sciurius
to convert the bookmarks to a CSV file.

With CSV import the book still is a single PDF but the songs show up as separate songs within MobileSheets
LibreOffice Calc is imho the best tool to manipulate the CSV as you like.
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Your suggestion makes sense Eric - I can look into adding an option for that when time allows.

Thank you, itsme, that's good to know. I am currently using the "import PDF" functionality to create entries for selected songs from each book (pdf).

However, I'm trying to avoid filling up my song library with *all* the songs in artist anthologies.  So right now, for example, I have one "song" for my Beatles anthology and I've used PDF Import to pull out a dozen individual songs that I play regularly.  But if on a whim (or by request) I decide I want to play song X by the Beatles, having an alphabetic list of bookmarks would make finding the song easier.

That said, all the bookmarked songs show up in the Bookmarks tab, so if I know the specific song I'm looking for from an anthology, I can search for it there.
Perhaps you could use collections?

All your songs will show on the Songs tab but you can choose your "normal" songs from smaller subsets of those available - these subsets are collections.

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