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Hardware upgrade benefits?
I currently view the app on 25inch monitor at 1080p. My sources are mostly scans of bought books ow images from ebooks.
I try to connect highest quality option for each prices online, to compensate for ageing eyesight.

My questionis, would I benefit from upgrading to a 27inch 1440p monitordo pdf get upscaled 8n the app or is that left to windows?
Will I see a quality improvement on a typical 2 page music spread?

I am also looking at upgrading my android tablet to one that can display on the same external monitor via a usb c to hdmi cable
In that scenario: android app on 1440p monitor, replacing internal 1440p or better device screen,how and where is upscaling done
Not that easy to answer this ...

My eyesight is also ageing, and when playing music, I use a pair of glasses that I had made especially for the distance my eyes are away from the computer screen while playing. This helps quite a bit and would be the first thing I would recommend.

Apart from that, increasing the size of the score (by using a bigger screen or other means) is indeed also likely to help. You can easily simulate this yourself by zooming in a bit on your current screen to a size that the score would be on the 27 inch screen.

Increasing the resolution from 1080 to 1440 will not help things in my opinion. This would only make a difference for people with good eyesight who see the edges of the image rasorsharp.  If you see it (a bit) blurred, then 1080 to 1440 will probably not make a difference.

The resolution at which the scores were scanned also has an effect, of course.


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Rey_aNot that easy to answer this ..

The resolution at which the scores were scanned also has an effect, of course.



 my scans are at  300dpi. i had compared with 600dpi and could not see a difference , just a bigger file, so I standardised on 300 black and white. the scanner is whats built into a cheap old all in one epson printer.

i have a micro pc on order , to be my backup pc, so I will temporarily  link that to a 4k TV to see how various windows resolutions look on a large screen. the lenovo m93 tiny pc can send a 2k resolution over a displayport to hdmi adaptor I think

most of the 2k monitors seem aimed at pc gamers, not document handlers, maybe 1080p is all i need.
Resolution is kind of like looking at 2 unfinished walls through binoculars. One made from cement blocks [300 dpi] and one made from bricks [600+ dpi]. A diagonal view of the wall end seen through the binoculars [increased screen resolution] is a jagged line of steps with 2-3 times more steps in the brick one than in the cement block one. When viewed from a distance [low resolution] they both look like a straight line.
To see the images better, they need to be bigger. When they are magnified they will be fuzzier on the edges, how much depends on the magnification, the resolution and size of the display, and the dpi of the image. 

I think I would try reading glasses first or a page magnifier [if you can find the right size].
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according to this helpful article

my setup is optimised for a 24 inch screen, which I have now
casio E - piano - monitor balanced on casio music stand
i measure 70 cms from my eye, sitting up straight, to centre of monitor.
article says a 27 inch is best at 80 cms or more away.

one thing that motivated me to consider larger screen is the huge file size of PDF in amazons print replica kindle music books.
when pdf is extracted, I am only at 25% scaling in pc pdf viewer full screen, so I would still be nowhere near 100% on a 2k or 4k screen.
[ at view actual size, I see only 2 bars of piano music on screen, its so big]
amazon somehow get a huge black and white pixel count into a small file sixe.

but nearly all of my music comes from a4 or letter books, and an open book is same size as my current monitor...

the larger gaming screens tend to come with insane page refresh rates, but I cant see how that helps with music. the page I am playing from is still the same page 1 60th of a second later !, so why refresh it 144 times a sec instead?

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