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User defined Song Title Formats
I use "Advanced Song Title Formatting" a lot and have a number of sophisticated formats that I use for various purposes. Different title and caption formats to be used on stage, for testing, for exporting, for maintaining my library and so on. To switch between them I stored them in a text file and copy/paste into Title Format, Caption Format or Generate Song List Format as required.
It would be great and much more convenient if I could store a number of those format strings, name them and select what I want to use next. A mechanism and UI similar to "User Defined Filters" would be convenient. I think Song Title Formatting and Generate Song List Format could share the same UI and implementation.

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That's a great idea, as it can be quite tedious to type them in if you don't happen to have them saved. This could also potentially make it easier for users to share custom formats if they can just send a file with all of the formats in it. I'll add this to the bug tracking system.


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