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Best practice keeping different devices in sync

I read some posts in the forum on how to keep files in sync over several devices.
I want to make changes in chordpro files in vscodeServer, copy those files to google cloud, and sync them from there to the devices.
VsCodeServer and googledrive are working.  But now I am struggling with the sync options in msp. It seems just replacing files in a googledrive backup won't work.
So I made another test and updated the changed chordpro files with the companion. I did a cloudsync with that device and then a cloudsync with another device expecting to get both to the same state.
Surprisingly that didn't work. I took a look in the syncfolder and noticed that the files "mobilsheets_hashcodes.txt" and "mobilsheets.de" are not overwritten. Instead, there are new files like "mobilesheets_hashcodes (1).txt".
I am wondering if I did something wrong, is it a bug or a feature?
My settings for sync are in both directions and tick everything except "Text-Anzeigen-Einstellungen syncronisieren" (maybe text-appearance-settings syncing in English?)

I also read that there will be a new kind of synchronization in the future. Maybe that fits my needs better. Is there anyone using a setup like me who got a good workflow?

Depending on your workflow, you could just synchronize all of the files (including the database file) yourself. That's what some users do to keep all of their devices in sync. The current sync functionality is designed for merging libraries for groups like bands, orchestras, etc. While it can be used to synchronize multiple devices together to keep them the same, it's not as convenient as an automatic sync that works in the background (which is what I want to add later this year). 

As far as the problems you are encountering, if you want to rely on the sync functionality, you shouldn't be changing the sync folder.  You have to let MobileSheets manage that. You make changes on one device, then you sync to the cloud folder, and then the other devices sync to the cloud folder to pull down the changes. You should aim to only make changes on one device at a time, as this simplifies things and prevents the need to use the two-way sync which currently has limitations. You said that a "mobilesheets_hashcodes (1).txt" was generated - I have no idea why that would occur, as MobileSheets certainly isn't going to look for a copy of the file with that name. It sounds to me like files are being locked and something about your sync process is causing duplicates to be created with different names. If you just use MobileSheets to handle the sync, that shouldn't happen.

So to summarize - if you want to continue using vscodeServer modifying files yourself outside of MobileSheets, don't use the built-in sync functionality. Instead, just use a file sync to push files to all of the devices. Make sure you overwrite mobilesheets.db with the same version on each device to keep them in sync. If you want to use the built-in sync functionality in MobileSheets, then you need to make all your changes on one device, then sync those changes to the cloud folder, then you can sync the other devices to that cloud folder.


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