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On-screen keyboard getting in the way of the music

As you can see in the video below, I'm having a problem with the on-screen keyboard popping up in the middle of my playing and covering my music. After some tinkering, I realized this happens when I accidentally press both Bluetooth pedals (back and forward) almost at the same time. This happens a surprising amount of times, especially when I'm playing faster, more difficult music and my left foot just kinda slams on the page turning pedal.

My immediate fix was to simply turn off "Show on-screen keyboard while a physical keyboard is being used" in Android settings, but over the past two weeks, the keyboard started popping up again even with that setting still off! I think there was an update to the app more or less when this started happening?

I've used this Bluetooth pedal with different tablets and OSs, and it's never been a problem when I accidentally press both pedals since when that happens, I press the forward one first by a fraction of a second and it simply turns the page forward. 

I've also tried changing the settings on the pedal itself to map the pedals to different keyboard buttons, to no avail.

Any other ideas? This is an unacceptable issue. I can't risk the keyboard popping up in front of my music in the middle of a performance, and it's already caused some embarrassing hiccups in rehearsals.

Thanks for any help!

Video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/pmtgASemepEtnrzH8
That seems like a feature of the pedal - it's certainly not something MobileSheets itself is doing. I don't see that behavior when testing with an AirTurn DUO 500, for example. I can't find any documentation the Donner pedal - do you have a manual that you received with it? I'm curious if this behavior is listed in the manual.

- Did you try a different Bluetooth pedal?
- Did you try half second or more in settings/touch & pedal settings/pedal actions/denounce
- your Chinese pedal might be hacked so try the reset
This has happened to me as well, albeit only on iOs and with a cheap Bluetooth Smartphone-Photo-Snapper. It happens rarely and I couldn't see a pattern, but it happens that the keyboard shows up and also that the typing suggestions show up at the top of the screen.
I don't think it's because of clicking both buttons for me, though. Sorry that I can't contribute more.

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