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Underscore Usage
Hi Mike,

I have scores of Setlists, as I use MobileSheets to organize my contra dance music, where sets have only two or three tunes.  Like some MS users, I utilize prefixes to group the names of the sets which are in our current Play List. For example, the majority of sets are jigs and reels and I simply use the prefix xJD_ for those sets (JD stands for our band, Just Desserts). I prefix our waltzes with xJDW_ and I group other sets and songs that our band is working on with the prefix xJDWO_ . 

On my PC, the titles of some these setlists names are alphabetized as follows, allowing the prefixes to do their thing:
   xJD_Teviot Bridge
   xJDW_Andrea's Waltz
   xJDWO_Day Tripping

On my MS Setlist, these same titles are displayed in this order, as if the underscore weren't even there:
   xJD_Teviot Bridge
   xJDW_Andrea's Waltz
   xJDWO_Day Tripping

I couldn't find anything in the Library settings regarding this kind of functionality, so I would like to ask if you could consider a Library setting that would sort all lists (setlists, collections, songs) the same way they are sorted on a PC in File Explorer? This would support the use of prefixes in those names and would make it possible to easily compare lists of songs displayed on MS with the same list displayed on a PC.

If that kind of functionality already exists, please forgive my insufficient research on this matter, otherwise, thank you for your consideration.

Walter Weinzinger
Flagstaff, AZ
Chuwi 13.5" H13, Win10, 128GB  μSD
Hello Walter,

The sorting and filtering functionality currently ignores punctuation. I can certainly consider adding a setting to allow punctuation to be considered when filtering and/or sorting. .

I investigated sorting of special characters some years ago.
I found that special characters are sorted differently
- in MobileSheets
- in Windows Explorer
- in Excel
- when filenames are listed by calling 'dir' in a DOS box

I ended using blanks, + or ~ as prefixes.
Find attached the files that I used in case you want to run own tests.

Attached Files
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