Important steps to take before updating to Android 11

A number of users have recently reported issues when updating their devices to Android 11 that resulted in a loss of access to the files in their library. After some investigation, I discovered the source of these problems – restoring a library backup from the free version of MobileSheets with the option to restore settings enabled. When this occurs, the paid version of MobileSheetsPro is changing its storage location to the application data directory of the free version, namely: /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.zubersoft.mobilesheetsfree/files. On Android 10 and below, there is no problem with doing this, so users have never encountered any problems in the past. Android 11 changes the rules and permissions with file access though, and applications can no longer access the OS-assigned directories used by other applications.

An update has been released to address this issue, so if a backup file from the free version is restored into the paid version, and the free version’s default storage location was used, the paid version will not use that as the storage location. For users that may have already restored a backup file from the free version, please go to Settings->Storage and check to see if the storage location is set to /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.zubersoft.mobilesheetsfree/files. If it is, I would highly recommend tapping the “Set MobileSheets Storage Location” setting, tapping the SD card to select the default storage location path, and then tapping OK. The files in the library will be moved to the correct directory and no issues will be encountered in the future. It is very important this is done before updating a device to Android 11 to prevent MobileSheetsPro from losing access to the files. For users that have already updated their device to Android 11 and are seeing a problem, either contact me at for assistance with fixing the library, and/or read this post:

Latest update and issues with the Zubersoft website

Version 3.0.0 was recently released and with it comes huge changes to the annotations functionality. This update has been in the works through most of the year and a great deal of users helped test and provide feedback on it. Unfortunately, some users are currently reporting a number of issues that are being looked at and addressed immediately. On top of this, the Zubersoft website had a couple of problems with security settings which has resulted in all support requests submitted through the website over the last seven days to be blocked, resulting in them not reaching the support email address ( Additionally, activation emails were not being sent for new forum accounts. If anyone has submitted a support request and has not received a response, please send the request again so that I am able to respond. I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused anyone that was trying to obtain support after the update.

A long write-up is in the works and will be posted very soon to discuss all of the great new features available in version 3.0.0. In the meantime, the manual has been updated with a section dedicated to all of the new annotations functionality, so users seeking more information can consult the documentation.

MobileSheetsPro for E-Ink devices now available

A specialized version of MobileSheetsPro optimized for e-ink devices such as the Boox Max 2 Pro is now available on the FastSpring store here:

This version is different from the standard version of MobileSheetsPro in the following ways:

– The entire application uses a light theme.  Almost all icons and text are black on white providing the greatest contrast and easy readibility. All screens in the application have been updated to work well on e-ink devices.
– Almost all animations in the app have been eliminated. This results in faster page turns, better transitions between tabs on the library screen, and fewer graphical artifacts.
– Freeform annotations with the stylus utilize special rendering on Boox devices allowing the drawings to show up in real time. This makes it much easier to write and draw. The stylus eraser can also be used when in freeform mode to draw a box around content to erase.
– Optimizations have been put in place for pinch zooming and scrolling to make them more fluid
– A new application icon was created that matches the design of the other standard application icons. 

If you are the owner of an e-ink device such as the Boox Max Pro 2, this is the version you will want to use. For users that have already purchased MobileSheetsPro through the FastSpring or Google store, you will need to contact me at so I can provide instructions for how to install the new e-ink version.

I am extremely impressed with the Boox Max Pro 2 now and I think it’s a great choice for anyone wanting a 13″ device with great battery life.


Windows 10 Fastspring Store Issues

Some users may have noticed that the Fastspring version of MobileSheets for Windows 10 was listed as unavailable over the last week or so. The reason for this is that the certificate that I use to digitally sign the app (which is required for Microsoft to allow installation of the application) expired and I had to get a new one which was taking much longer than anticipated. A new certificate has finally been received from Comodo, but there is a new problem: Comodo changed some of the certificate information slightly, so Microsoft thinks that the publisher’s identity has changed, and it will not allow MobileSheets to be updated. If you are running version 2.4.2 or lower of MobileSheets for Windows 10 that was purchased off the Fastspring store, you must follow the instructions listed in the forum post here in order to update to version 2.4.3.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause users. I did not anticipate the certificate change causing these kinds of issues. Feel free to contact me on the forums or at if you have any questions about this.


SD Card change in MobileSheetsPro version 2.3.7 (Android only)

In version 2.3.7 of MobileSheetsPro for Android, I made a change that disables the option for users to move MobileSheetsPro in their tablet settings to an SD card. There are several reasons for this including:

  • SD card access is typically slower than internal storage and I don’t want the database stored on the SD card for this reason
  • The storage location in the application won’t be updated to reflect the move so all of the existing songs in the library will fail to load. This only matters if the default storage location was used.
  • It’s not safe to store the database on the SD card especially if the user plans on not always having the SD card in (and loads MobileSheetsPro without realizing this).

The proper way to store your library on an SD card is to set the storage location for MobileSheets under Settings->Storage->Set MobileSheets Storage Location. Either tap the SD card on the dialog that is displayed and use the OS assigned application folder (which will have the fastest read/write speeds), or pick your own folder on the SD card using the folder icon (which will have much slower write speeds).

Unfortunately, I had incorrectly assumed that making this change would only impact new installs of MobileSheetsPro and existing installations would be unmodified. That is not the case – existing users will find that if they moved MobileSheetsPro to an SD card in the talbet settings that it will be moved back to internal storage as part of the update. If there isn’t enough free space in internal storage, the user will see an error code such as 963 while updating MobileSheetsPro (and the update will fail). In this case, the user must do the following:

1. Back up their library under Settings->Backup and Restore->Backup Library
2. Clear their library under Settings->Other Settings->Clear Library
3. Update MobileSheetsPro
4. Set their storage location to the SD card
5. Restore their library from that backup file (do not restore settings).

That will eliminate the error. I’m sorry to any users who are impacted by this. I really needed to change that setting to prevent users from accidentally breaking their libraries.


Potential Issue Purchasing from the Microsoft Store

Several users have contacted me today with a very unusual problem: when they attempt to purchase MobileSheets off the Microsoft Store, the page refreshes and nothing happens. It turns out that the solution to this problem is just to log out of the Microsoft Store and then log back in. Then you will be able to purchase MobileSheets. Hopefully this post will reach some of the users encountering problems.


Reviews on the Microsoft Store

There have been some reviews posted on the Microsoft Store by users requesting help, but those users have switched on a setting in the Microsoft Store indicating that they don’t want to receive review responses. I am hoping these users may decide to check the Zubersoft website and will see this message. If you need help and are posting a review on the Microsoft Store, either enable review responses or contact me directly at (which is preferred in either case), otherwise I will be unable to assist you.


MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v2.1.6 Released

MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v2.1.6 have been released. As part of this update, the application icon for MobileSheets has changed. The new icon is now in use on all app versions, the companion app, the website and the manuals. In addition to updating the icon to have a more modern look, proper support was also added for round icons on devices running Android 8.0. In addition to the icon changes, there is also a large list of bug fixes, a new behavior for the metronome LEDs and a new scroll behavior for scrolling an entire song in a fixed amount of time. The full list of changes are listed in the forum post here:


Support Page Issues

It was brought to my attention this evening that the support page has not been functioning correctly for at least a couple days. I have not been receiving any messages that have been sent through the support page. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine exactly how long this has been the case. For any user that has tried to contact me through the support page and did not receive a timely response, I sincerely apologize. The support page has been fixed and messages are now being delivered correctly again.


Windows 10 Beta and MobileSheets end of life

I’m happy to announce that the Windows 10 version of MobileSheets is currently going through the approval process on the Microsoft App store and will be available for testing soon. After the app is successfully published, a link will be provided for anyone that is interested in beta testing. The beta test will last for the next 3-4 weeks, after which the app will be made publicly available.

I also want to let users know that I’m going to be pulling the original MobileSheets for Android (the version released in 2011 with a green icon) off of the app store starting January 1, 2017. The newer MobileSheetsPro (which has a blue icon) is going to be the only Android version available after that. I do not have the bandwidth to support the older version, and it no longer supports the latest Android OS versions. After the app is pulled off the app store, users will no longer be able to download the app. I’m hoping that removing it from the app store will reduce confusion for new users who should be purchasing MobileSheetsPro.