The Testing Continues

I just wanted to give everyone an update to let them know how things are progressing. I have been doing a lot of work to make sure that upgrades between previous versions and the new one are as smooth as possible. During this testing, I unveiled a number of critical problems that had to be fixed. I’ve also had to adjust the user interfaces quite a bit, as some initial assumptions didn’t work out as I had hoped. This new version is really coming together nicely though. There are some preview screenshots of the new library screen on the forums here: Library Preview

While I’ve made great progress so far, I will be unavailable most of this week, as I’m getting married on Tuesday. I will do my very best to get the beta ready as soon as I can, but there are huge number of new features and settings, and every possible option has to be tested first. I will be releasing more screenshots on the forums soon, so keep checking back if you are interested in what’s coming!

Thanks everyone for your wonderful support,