First Update of 2015

Things have been quiet on the front page for awhile, and the reason is that beta testing has been extremely active on MobileSheetsPro for the last couple months. Beta testers have been working hard not only to address bugs, but to help me refine MobileSheetsPro into a better overall product. I’m very proud of the direction it has taken, and I think it is leaps and bounds ahead of the original MobileSheets.

For those that are not aware, MobileSheetsPro is what was previously called version 5.0.0. Based on user feedback, it was decided that all of the new changes should really be released as a separate product. I believe this is the right decision for several reasons:

1) This allows users to run the old version in parallel with the new. This gives professionals the chance to get used to the new version without having to sacrifice access to the existing version.
2) The new version is so drastically different from the old in many ways that it is not just an update – it is a separate application in its own right.
3) Proceeds from the new version will help support continued development of MobileSheets.

The new version will be released at a discount for new users, so if you have recently purchased, you will not be paying full price. The pricing will be the difference in price between the original MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro.

MobileSheetsPro is nearly finished, and there are only a few remaining tasks to finish. These tasks include finishing the new manual, and finishing updates for the companion application to work with MobileSheetsPro. I will do my best to complete all of the remaining work in the weeks to come. I want to thank everyone for their support – this app would not be possible without it. I’m wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 2015.