MobileSheetsPro Has Been Released

It’s been a very long time coming, but I am pleased to announce the release of MobileSheetsPro on the Google Play app store. For a limited time, I will be offering MobileSheetsPro at a substantial discount so that existing users can upgrade at a lower cost. If you’ve been checking the website lately, you may have noticed a lot of changes. I redesigned the website to better demonstrate the capabilities of MobileSheetsPro, and updated information that was very out of date. There is also a new manual available that I advise everyone should read through at some point. I should also mention that there is a new companion application to go with MobileSheetsPro. Click the companion tab at the top of the page and download the new MobileSheetsPro companion. The original companion app will not work with MobileSheetsPro.

If you are going to upgrade from the original MobileSheets, you can follow these easy steps to transfer your library over:

1) Create a backup of you library in the original MobileSheets by going to Options->Utilities->Backup Library. Save it in a location such as /sdcard/downloads or another folder you have created. You can also create this backup using the companion app.
2) Install MobileSheetsPro, open it, tap on the overflow menu at the top right, and select Settings->Backup and Restore, and select “Restore Library from Backup”
3) After the restore finishes, you will have access to your MobileSheets library in MobileSheetsPro.

After restoring your library into MobileSheetsPro, you can either keep MobileSheets installed if you would like or uninstall it. MobileSheetsPro was designed to run alongside MobileSheets so that users could transition over at their own pace.

I hope everyone enjoys using all of the new features in MobileSheetsPro. It’s been a long journey to get here but I am very happy with how things have turned out (much of it thanks to the amazing community of MobileSheets users). My work is not done though: I’m going to be focusing now on a lot of promised functionality such as exporting annotations to PDFs as well as getting the Windows 8 version of MobileSheetsPro finished. I want to thank everyone who has helped support MobileSheets through the years – you all have helped make the app what it is today.

Now get over to the Play Store and download MobileSheetsPro! Don’t forget to leave a review if you have time – it makes a big difference!