MobileSheetsPro Device Compatibility

A number of users have contacted me over the last few weeks with the same issue: Google Play will not let them install MobileSheetsPro on their device because it is listed as incompatible. MobileSheetsPro supports all tablets running 2.2 or higher and all processor architectures, so I knew that this couldn’t be right. MobileSheetsPro only has one limitation that I thought could be responsible – it only supports devices that are about 7″ or larger.

Many users have requested support for cell phones, and I originally thought I was going to have to create an entirely separate version of MobileSheets for this to be possible. I’m happy to announce that with MobileSheetsPro version 1.3.3, you can now install it on cell phones and smaller tablets. Smaller or older cell phones with low resolution screens may not be compatible, but the majority of phones should be. All of the user interfaces were modified to fit on a cell phone screen. Some of them will appear quite small due to the restricted screen space.

If users are still experiencing issues with Google Play compatibility, please contact me at and let me know. 2015 was a great year with the release of MobileSheetsPro, and with 2016 I plan to continually improve the app and see it released on Windows 10. Thank you everyone for your constant support and feedback.