Android 6.0 and Removable SD Cards

Many users are updating their devices to Android 6.0, and they find that they can no longer load files in MobileSheetsPro that are saved on the removable SD card. The reason for this is that Google changed the paths to removable SD cards in Android 6.0 and this causes the file paths stored in MobileSheetsPro to no longer work. The good news is that MobileSheetsPro can easily fix this for you by performing the following steps:

1) Load MobileSheetsPro
2) Go to Settings->Other Settings->Fix Broken File Paths
3) Tap “Automatic” and then tap OK

MobileSheetsPro will detect all incorrect file paths, search for the actual file locations, and then fix the paths in the database. This same dialog can also be used to update file paths if a folder is renamed or moved, so it’s a very useful tool for users that manage their own files.