MobileSheets v1.5 and Amazon App Store Release

MobileSheets v1.5 has been released. This version contains the following changes:

– Fixed the bug where genres were being listed as numbers.
– Added the new auto-scrolling functionality. You can base the scroll timing on the metronome settings, or upon second delays per line (where one line is four measures or so). This feature is extremely important for 7″ tablets as they are most usable in landscape mode, which requires constant scrolling.

In addition, I have submitted both MobileSheets and MobileSheetsFree to the Amazon App Store. They are undergoing review right now, but they could hit the market at any time in the next couple days. Keep an eye out for it!

Wrong Minimum SDK

Version 1.4, which was just released, is currently specifying a minimum SDK of 2.3.3, meaning Gingerbread users with 2.3 to 2.3.2 are unable to access the app. I will be releasing another update tonight to fix this so that all Gingerbread users can download the app. I apologize for anyone who is unable to access the app due to this.

MobileSheets v1.4 and MobileSheets Companion v1.0.8 Have Been Released!

After many sleepless nights, I am finally able to release the updated versions of both MobileSheets and the companion app. The following changes have made it into this release:


– Support for 7″ and 10″ tablets, including Gingerbread! This should open up the app to a lot more users. The app will be released to the amazon marketplace for Kindle Fire tablets, as well as SlideME for anyone that wants to pay with paypal.
– Minor improvements to metronome playback. With slower tablets, the metronome may start to become inaccurate due to the low specs. I am working to resolve this.
– Bluetooth pedal support is now available. A couple new settings have been added to the settings screen allowing you to configure how you want to use the pedal. One important thing to note is that having a bluetooth pedal hooked up to your tablet disables the virtual keyboard. To get around this, there is now a setting that will disable your bluetooth while you are viewing your library or creating songs, and will enable the bluetooth when you load a song or setlist.
– Metronome settings can now be saved per song. To save the current settings, you only have to click the little save button on the metronome page. In addition to this feature, metronome auto-start can now be enable at the bottom of the setlist section in the overlay. Just click the little metronome symbol and whenever you switch songs, the metronome settings will be updated and the metronome will start playing automatically.
– You can now lock the orientation by clicking the lock button on the bottom of the setlist section in the overlay. This will lock to landscape or portrait, depending on the orientation of the tablet when you click it. Reverse-Portrait and Reverse-Landscape are not supported.
– Initial library screen can now be set in the settings.
– Page buffering has been increased to 20 pages for honeycomb tablets. Gingerbread tablets can only buffer around 10 pages due to memory limitations. It should be very rare to see the loading page now (except maybe right after loading a song if you flip quickly).
– Custom Genre support has been added. There is a new button the Song Editor screen that will take you to a different screen for managing custom genres. Once a custom genre has been created, it can be selected from the Genre spinner like any of the defaults.
– Connection improvements between PC and Tablet. Additionally, the tablet will now automatically check to make sure the PC is running a compatible version.
– Clicking a button at the bottom of the overlay will now automatically open the sliding window. The sliding window handle is also easy to identify now.
– New button for connecting to the PC
– Image files are now prefixed with the unique id of the song to which they belong. This allows you to have image files named the same thing among multiple songs.
– A whole load of bug fixes – a big THANK YOU to everyone that sends those error reports when you encounter a problem. It helps tremendously!

MobileSheets Companion

– Like the tablet, the PC now checks to verify that the tablet version is compatible
– Custom genres can be managed on the PC as well
– Fixed nasty bug where genres, artists, and albums would associate themselves with a huge number of songs, potentially overwriting settings.
– Added automatic update detection and installation. This should make it much easier to stay up to date.
– A ton of minor bug fixes
– Fixed hang when disconnecting.

I hope everyone enjoys the changes. I will be anxious to hear feedback on how they work for everyone!

Update is almost ready – aiming for release tomorrow night, 12/5

Even after 16.5 hours today, I wasn’t able to finish the big update. The update is about 90% done excluding the library backup features. In order to get all of the fixes and enhancements out faster, the library backup functionality will be released in a separate update later this week. I will aim to get the rest of the update released tomorrow after some final modifications and testing. Thanks everyone for your patience.

Big Update Coming

A considerable amount of work has been done for an update that is targeted for release on Sunday, Dec 4th. This update will bring the following fixes and enhancements:

– Bluetooth pedal support for hands free page turning. Also allows for multiple modes of operation such as scrolling with the left pedal to make landscape mode more feasible.
– Library backup and restore on both tablet and PC. Gives you the ability to uninstall if needed, or transfer your library from the free version to paid.
– Increased page buffering – Up to 20 pages will now be buffered, meaning that most of the time the entire song will be buffered in memory. You won’t have to see any more loading screens!
– Gingerbread and 7″ tablet support (including Kindle Fire) – MobileSheets will now be compatible with earlier versions of the android OS, allowing more people to access it. There will also be support for 7″ tablets (or 10″ tablets with low resolution) using slightly different layouts to accommodate the smaller screen size. For Kindle Fire Users, the app will be placed on the Amazon Marketplace.
– Companion app update notifications – The companion app will now notify you if a new version is available and allow you to download and install the update right away.
– Support for custom genres is being added, allowing you to categorize your music however you want.
– Enhanced metronome features – Metronome settings can be saved for each song, and the metronome can be set to automatically start when switching between songs in a setlist.
– Orientation lock to force portrait or landscape mode.

Thanks everyone for the feature requests, and keep an eye out for the update!

MobileSheets v1.3 and MobileSheets Companion v.1.0.7

Some additional bugs were found that were pretty critical, so another minor update has been released before the next major update. The following fixes were made to the android app:

– Images are now being scaled properly regardless of dimensions. This should fix images that were being cut off.
– Changing genres, artists, and albums for existing songs no longer results in force closes or weird results.
– Musicals now correctly shows up as an option in the genres spinner.
– Fixed song editing so that image rearrangement and zooming changes are correctly applied after clicking OK.
– Several force close bugs were fixed.

The following changes were made to the companion app:

– Sending multiple songs at once no longer results in a possible lockup of the GUI.
– Changing genres, artists, and albums for existing songs is now working as intended.
– Image files that aren’t placed on the external storage of the tablet are now prefixed with the unique ID of the song. This means that you can assign the same file names to images in multiple songs without the possibility of accidentally deleting shared image files on the tablet when you remove a song.

Thanks everyone for all the feature requests and bug reports! You are helping make this product better with every submission.

MobileSheets v1.2 and MobileSheets Companion v.1.0.6

A number of bugs have been found that needed to be addressed before the next big update. The following things have been fixed for the android app:

– Fixed zooming to be accurate for songs with images (PDFs were okay).
– Global zoom now resets after selecting a new song or setlist.
– Zoom outline is now more accurate when zooming in over 40%.
– Zooming large amounts (over 40-50%) in landscape no longer cuts off the right side of the image.
– Replaced New Age and Salsa genres with Musicals and R&B.
– Fixed force close when error messages are displayed on the library screen.
– Link Points now display the correct image after being clicked.
– Link Points and Bookmarks are now adjusted or deleted when pages are removed.
– Song editor image names now display correctly after one is removed.

In addition, a new version of the companion app is out that contains the following fixes:

– Transfer speeds have been significantly improved. This is most noticeable when transferring a large number of image files.
– New Age and Salsa genres were replaced with Musicals and R&B
– Sort order is now maintained after adding new songs.
– Bookmarks assigned to a page that is deleted are also deleted now.
– .tiff files are no longer allowed as Android doesn’t support them

The next update will be a bigger one that contains quite a few enhancements. It is planned for Dec. 4th, barring any significant hurdles. Keep checking back for details!

MobileSheets v1.1 and MobileSheets Companion v1.0.5

A new version of MobileSheets has been released on the market. The fixes include the following:

Fixed various bugs with the Song Editor
– Users are no longer able to create songs without images in them
– Removing PDFs and switching to images no longer causes a problem
– Sliders are properly disabled when no images are present
– Fixed potential problem with reordering/removing images

In addition, another version of the MobileSheets Companion has been released that fixes the following:

– Images are now correctly transferred from the tablet if not running with admin privileges
– Temporary images are now correctly deleted.
– Bookmarks associated with pages that are deleted are deleted automatically.

Very soon, an update will be released for the companion app to enable automatic checking for updates and installation of those updates. This should make it easier to stay up to date.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

New Version of MobileSheets Companion

Version 1.0.4 of the companion application has been released that fixes the SQLite DLL error previously reported. In addition, it addresses the following issues:

– PDF documents will now load correctly
– Editing songs transferred from the tablet will now work correctly (MobileSheets will no longer crash as a result of loading the song)
– The Audio Track listing was intermittently not transferring correctly from the tablet. This should show up correctly now.
– Links points will now be deleted if they reference a page that is deleted
– Opening a song from the tablet and quickly closing will no longer result in a crash

If you haven’t yet, please download it to have the smoothest experience possible. Once again, thanks everyone for your patience – we will do everything in our power to prevent problems like these from being released again.

MobileSheets Bug Report

A few problems that slipped through the cracks have been identified, mostly with the Song Editor Dialog. Please do not try to create a song with no images in it, as loading that song will fail and close the app. These problems are being addressed, and will be released in an update as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience during these early stages of release.