Android 6.0 and Removable SD Cards

Many users are updating their devices to Android 6.0, and they find that they can no longer load files in MobileSheetsPro that are saved on the removable SD card. The reason for this is that Google changed the paths to removable SD cards in Android 6.0 and this causes the file paths stored in MobileSheetsPro to no longer work. The good news is that MobileSheetsPro can easily fix this for you by performing the following steps:

1) Load MobileSheetsPro
2) Go to Settings->Other Settings->Fix Broken File Paths
3) Tap “Automatic” and then tap OK

MobileSheetsPro will detect all incorrect file paths, search for the actual file locations, and then fix the paths in the database. This same dialog can also be used to update file paths if a folder is renamed or moved, so it’s a very useful tool for users that manage their own files.

MobileSheets v1.5.1 Released – Brand New Icons!

With the release of MobileSheetsPro version 1.5.1, every icon in the application has been replaced with sharper, higher resolution icons. Most of these were pulled from Google’s material design icon library so that they maintain a consistent look and feel. Others were redesigned from scratch to try and match the look and feel of material design icons. I believe the new icons are easier to see, more aesthetically pleasing and more intuitive with their meaning. Many, such as the new icon used to indicate when a song contains an audio file, is a huge improvement over the old in my opinion, and provides an extra level of polish in the application. I’m really looking forward to hearing feedback from users on all the changes.


MobileSheetsPro Device Compatibility

A number of users have contacted me over the last few weeks with the same issue: Google Play will not let them install MobileSheetsPro on their device because it is listed as incompatible. MobileSheetsPro supports all tablets running 2.2 or higher and all processor architectures, so I knew that this couldn’t be right. MobileSheetsPro only has one limitation that I thought could be responsible – it only supports devices that are about 7″ or larger.

Many users have requested support for cell phones, and I originally thought I was going to have to create an entirely separate version of MobileSheets for this to be possible. I’m happy to announce that with MobileSheetsPro version 1.3.3, you can now install it on cell phones and smaller tablets. Smaller or older cell phones with low resolution screens may not be compatible, but the majority of phones should be. All of the user interfaces were modified to fit on a cell phone screen. Some of them will appear quite small due to the restricted screen space.

If users are still experiencing issues with Google Play compatibility, please contact me at and let me know. 2015 was a great year with the release of MobileSheetsPro, and with 2016 I plan to continually improve the app and see it released on Windows 10. Thank you everyone for your constant support and feedback.


Samsung 5.0.2 Update Causes Pedal Problems

Many users have reported lately that after they installed the OS update to 5.0.2 on their devices, their bluetooth pedals stopped working. This appears to be an OS problem, so there is nothing that can be changed in the software to address this. Additional information is available here:

If you have a Samsung device, particularly the Samsung Note Pro, do not install the 5.0.2 update if you use a bluetooth pedal. You will need to wait until Samsung releases a fix for this.


Dropbox Production Status

It was recently brought to my attention that users are receiving an error when they try to connect to Dropbox. I have requested production status for MobileSheetsPro, but this can take several business days for Dropbox to process. I really apologize for the inconvenience. To import from Dropbox, users can also try going to Import->External/Cloud and selecting the Dropbox option from the list of applications, as this doesn’t require the same kind of approval from Dropbox (as their own app is the one being used to get the file).


What’s new in MobileSheetsPro

I’ve received some questions lately about what’s new in MobileSheetsPro and how it’s different than the original product. Let me start by saying that MobileSheetsPro is not just an update to the original MobileSheets: it is a completely different application. While some elements look the same, MobileSheetsPro was redesigned from the ground up, making it faster, more intuitive and more powerful than the original. Here are some of new the features:

  • Multiple display modes including a two page display, half page turns in portrait, and vertical scrolling. The default single page view now has proper scrolling animations when turning pages.
  • Automatic cropping along with a manual cropping editor for fine tuning (file is not modified by cropping)
  • Support for rotating any file types (file is not modified by rotating)
  • Support for text and chord pro files, including support for transposing
  • Support for up to four pedals. Unlike the original MS, almost any device can now be supported
  • Automatic scrolling now works really well. I’ve added tons of options to control the scrolling. When paired with the vertical scrolling mode, it’s a great experience.
  • Support for up to 20 fields with options to disable the fields you don’t use. You can also control the formatting of song titles on the library screen
  • A new dark theme
  • Support for MIDI commands with integration for KORG keyboards
  • A new custom audio player that is much easier to use and looks much better. It also supports a-b looping to repeat sections of a track
  • Performance improvements over the whole app and a lot of polish
  • Support for page ordering so that you can define whatever order you want with repeats. For example, you can specify 1-3, 1-2, 4, 5, and the five page file would be shown as 7 pages in MobileSheetsPro, and you could turn through the pages in that order.
  • A much improved group/setlist editor that supports drag & drop for ordering. I also added multiple sorting modes for songs and setlists.
  • Sharing and exporting features so that you can easily send songs or setlists to others
  • Tons of improvements to the annotations editor
  • New metronome visual modes and improvements to performance
  • A new quick action bar that makes it really fast to access features without needing to bring up the overlay

While this is not an exhaustive list (for that you’ll have to read the manual), it provides an overview of some of the important new features that aren’t present in the original. I truly believe that anyone who tries MobileSheetsPro will not want to go back to the original.

Instructions for transferring your library from MobileSheets to MobileSheetsPro can be found here: here


MobileSheetsPro Has Been Released

It’s been a very long time coming, but I am pleased to announce the release of MobileSheetsPro on the Google Play app store. For a limited time, I will be offering MobileSheetsPro at a substantial discount so that existing users can upgrade at a lower cost. If you’ve been checking the website lately, you may have noticed a lot of changes. I redesigned the website to better demonstrate the capabilities of MobileSheetsPro, and updated information that was very out of date. There is also a new manual available that I advise everyone should read through at some point. I should also mention that there is a new companion application to go with MobileSheetsPro. Click the companion tab at the top of the page and download the new MobileSheetsPro companion. The original companion app will not work with MobileSheetsPro.

If you are going to upgrade from the original MobileSheets, you can follow these easy steps to transfer your library over:

1) Create a backup of you library in the original MobileSheets by going to Options->Utilities->Backup Library. Save it in a location such as /sdcard/downloads or another folder you have created. You can also create this backup using the companion app.
2) Install MobileSheetsPro, open it, tap on the overflow menu at the top right, and select Settings->Backup and Restore, and select “Restore Library from Backup”
3) After the restore finishes, you will have access to your MobileSheets library in MobileSheetsPro.

After restoring your library into MobileSheetsPro, you can either keep MobileSheets installed if you would like or uninstall it. MobileSheetsPro was designed to run alongside MobileSheets so that users could transition over at their own pace.

I hope everyone enjoys using all of the new features in MobileSheetsPro. It’s been a long journey to get here but I am very happy with how things have turned out (much of it thanks to the amazing community of MobileSheets users). My work is not done though: I’m going to be focusing now on a lot of promised functionality such as exporting annotations to PDFs as well as getting the Windows 8 version of MobileSheetsPro finished. I want to thank everyone who has helped support MobileSheets through the years – you all have helped make the app what it is today.

Now get over to the Play Store and download MobileSheetsPro! Don’t forget to leave a review if you have time – it makes a big difference!


First Update of 2015

Things have been quiet on the front page for awhile, and the reason is that beta testing has been extremely active on MobileSheetsPro for the last couple months. Beta testers have been working hard not only to address bugs, but to help me refine MobileSheetsPro into a better overall product. I’m very proud of the direction it has taken, and I think it is leaps and bounds ahead of the original MobileSheets.

For those that are not aware, MobileSheetsPro is what was previously called version 5.0.0. Based on user feedback, it was decided that all of the new changes should really be released as a separate product. I believe this is the right decision for several reasons:

1) This allows users to run the old version in parallel with the new. This gives professionals the chance to get used to the new version without having to sacrifice access to the existing version.
2) The new version is so drastically different from the old in many ways that it is not just an update – it is a separate application in its own right.
3) Proceeds from the new version will help support continued development of MobileSheets.

The new version will be released at a discount for new users, so if you have recently purchased, you will not be paying full price. The pricing will be the difference in price between the original MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro.

MobileSheetsPro is nearly finished, and there are only a few remaining tasks to finish. These tasks include finishing the new manual, and finishing updates for the companion application to work with MobileSheetsPro. I will do my best to complete all of the remaining work in the weeks to come. I want to thank everyone for their support – this app would not be possible without it. I’m wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 2015.


The Testing Continues

I just wanted to give everyone an update to let them know how things are progressing. I have been doing a lot of work to make sure that upgrades between previous versions and the new one are as smooth as possible. During this testing, I unveiled a number of critical problems that had to be fixed. I’ve also had to adjust the user interfaces quite a bit, as some initial assumptions didn’t work out as I had hoped. This new version is really coming together nicely though. There are some preview screenshots of the new library screen on the forums here: Library Preview

While I’ve made great progress so far, I will be unavailable most of this week, as I’m getting married on Tuesday. I will do my very best to get the beta ready as soon as I can, but there are huge number of new features and settings, and every possible option has to be tested first. I will be releasing more screenshots on the forums soon, so keep checking back if you are interested in what’s coming!

Thanks everyone for your wonderful support,

Final Stretch

Just wanted to give everyone an update on where things lie. The majority of the code is done now, but there a couple of pieces that aren’t quite finished yet, namely:

  • Finish UI for manual cropping in song editor
  • Finish implementing/testing automatic cropping
  • Finish UI for assigning actions to pedals
  • Finish last piece of database migration code, and code to ensure file name uniqueness
  • Finish automatic scrolling features
  • A few new buttons still need to be added to the song overlay
  • Finish and test new file import/sharing features

One of my highest priorities with this update is improving the efficiency and flow of the user interfaces, which can be a time consuming process. I know everyone is eagerly awaiting the update, and I appreciate your patience.