When it comes to choosing the right pedal for your tablet, there are various things you must consider. The first thing you need to determine is whether your pedal supports bluetooth and/or USB, as this may limit your selection. The are a number of choices among bluetooth pedals, and options for two or four pedal setups. USB can often be cheaper (if your tablet supports it), but requires cabling that can get in the way. The various options will be discussed below.

Airturn BT-105

AirTurn makes exceptionally good pedals, and has earned a reputation for their quality. The BT-105 pedals are engineered to be silent, reliable, and durable. You have the option of a two-pedal unit, or four pedal unit. MobileSheetspro supports up to four pedals to drive different features in the application, so keep this in mind when making a decision.

Cicada PageFlip

The Cicada PageFlip is another popular bluetooth pedal. This pedal, while not built as quiet or solid as the BT-105, performs very well with MobileSheets and is a reliable solution for page turning. PageFlip only makes a two pedal version of the cicada. See a comparison between the BT-105 and the Cicada PageFlip here: https://performingarts.uncg.edu/patech/?p=199


The wireless WBP-01 foot pedal is manufactured by the Italian company TEST MUSIC. It's a solid pedal with a wireless dongle connection. It is advertised as being very precise and is selling well in Italy. For you Italian users out there, this pedal is definitely worth a look.

Almost any USB pedal can be used with MobileSheets, so long as the pedal presses can be tied to either a page up/page down, left arrow/right arrow, or up arrow/down arrow key combination, and the pedal is recognized as a compliant USB input device on your tablet.

BiliPro page turner

The only USB pedal I have personally tested with MobileSheets is the BiLiPro page turner. The BiLiPro performed reliably and was easy to use. If your tablet doesn't support Bluetooth, but does support USB, this pedal is a great alternative.


Another Italian TEST MUSIC product, this USB pedal is built very solidly. Italian users should keep this pedal in mind when looking at pedal solutions.

Manos Mount

Manos Mount with Side Mount Clamp

The Manos Mount is an Airturn product that can be used to securely hold your tablet at the perfect level while performing. It fits all Android tablets up to 8.5" wide such as the Galaxy Note Tab line, Nexus 7/10, Sony Xperia Z and LG G Pad 8.3.

iKlip Studio

IK Multimedia was kind enough to send me several iKlip Studios to test, and they are great little stands. Whether I'm playing guitar or keyboard, having the ability to set up my tablet anywhere I want has been wonderful. If you are looking for an easy way to prop up your tablet wherever you happen to be, definitely consider one of these.