Importing Files

This video covers different methods of importing files into MobileSheets and all of the various settings that control how files are processed.

Adding Audio to Songs

This video describes how to import audio files into MobileSheets and associate them with songs/pieces in the library.

Audio Player Features

This video discusses all of the settings and features in the audio player.

Switching Display Modes

This video covers all of the different display modes in MobileSheets, how to switch between them, and settings that control their behavior. This covers how to switch between a single page, two pages, half pages, or vertical scrolling.

Switching Page Scaling Modes

This video describes the different supported page scaling modes which determines how pages are stretched to fill the screen.

Cropping Files

This video provides an overview of how to crop files to minimize margins and wasted white space, and also covers the settings that control the cropping behavior.

Library Backup and Restore

This video discusses how to backup and restore a library in MobileSheets, and covers the available settings. Also learn how to extract files from a backup using the companion app.

Rotating Pages

This video discusses how to rotate individual pages or entire files in MobileSheets.

Adding Metadata to Songs

This video covers all of the different types of supported fields in MobileSheets and the various ways of populating metadata.

Configuring Library Tabs

This video covers selecting which tabs are displayed on the MobileSheets library screen, and in which order.

Page Ordering

This video discusses using the page order feature in MobileSheets to handle reordering, duplicating and removing pages from PDFs. Also covers handling repeats or having different annotations on each instance of a page.

Using a Tablet's Camera

This video demonstrates taking pictures of scores with a tablet's camera in MobileSheets.

Editing Groups

This video discusses how to use the group editor to edit groups, including how to add, remove and reorder songs within those groups.

Renaming Groups

This video discusses how to rename groups, both on the library screen and in the group editor.

Loading and Switching Songs

This video discusses the various ways to load and switch between songs, the settings that control which page is loaded and a brief description of the library window.

Exporting and Sharing Files

This video covers the various ways to share and export songs/pieces and setlists into the different file formats supported by MobileSheets, as well as an overview of the different settings.

Song Title Formatting

This video covers how titles for songs and pieces are formatted and displayed on the library screen. This allows users to pick which fields are included with the title along with separators or other characters.

Text and Chord Pro File Settings

This video provides an overview of the settings and features used with text and chord pro files in MobileSheets.