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Full Version: Manual smooth scroll from Mobilesheets is gone
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All of my big band friends who use iPad are envious of the manual scrolling feature from the older Mobilesheets. 

Here is a link to a video showing how it worked.
It's very simple.  You press to start scrolling and press again to stop. 

I don't want to program points to jump to nor do I want to jump ahead a fixed amount of lines. I really miss thus featurem

Am I doing something wrong and is it possible with the Pro version? I  think I've tried everything. 

'Select Display Mode'>'Vertical Scrolling' then 'Select Scroll Settings'>'Scroll Behavior'>''Scroll Continuously to End'. You select the scroll speed with "Scroll Speed ' on the same screen as the behavior. You an assign pedal/touch actions in 'Settings'>'Touch and Pedal settings'
I was excited cuz I thought you nailed it right away!
Great effort!
You mean auto scrolling, right? This almost works except that it only scrolls forward (sometimes I want to go back to double check a key change etc) and the old program went backwards. You can see in the video.
Problem 2 is there is a delay(at least 1 second)
Problem 3 a message comes on screen announcing that auto scrolling starts in 1 second. (blocking notes that I am reading.
Is there another "scroll settings" that isn't a part of auto scrolling?
I thought you found it but it looks like the simple system from before is burdened down by extra features.
The delay can be turned off, in scroll settings near the bottom at 'Time before Scroll starts' by entering a 0 [tap the '1' and then change]. I have my touch settings set to start stop scroll so I can do the manual on the screen and my pedal setting [settings>pedal actions] to start/stop auto scroll on 1 pedal and 'activate link point or turn page' on the other one. Sorry I forgot those settings. Pro is much, much better than the original on manipulating the screen actions once you get to know it. It's one of the reasons it's called Pro. Smile
Thanks a lot. The delay needed a zero. I left it blank and it chose 500. I'm gonna miss the reverse scrolling but maybe I should not be so coy and just touch the screen to reverse and, like you, choose another function for the other pedal.
Look in the pedal actions, there is a scroll up and a scroll down. On my tablet, touching the left center causes the display to go back, like a reader.
Yes I have tried those scroll up down settings but it doesn't keep scrolling. My video shows how it keeps scrolling until you hit either pedal. That stopped being the case with the Pro update.
Please try this:

Set scroll amount to 100%, set speed to whatever scroll speed you want, and then use the "Scroll to top of page" and "Scroll to bottom of page" options. This should replicate the original MobileSheets. Let me know if I'm mistaken in some way.

Yes that works. I also need the page turn. (The old version allowed that) So trying the other option "scroll down or page turn at bottom" SHOULD work but it doesn't stop if I press the pedal.
I tried the 100% yesterday. The only way I could get it to stop was to use the other pedal [mine were set to start stop auto scroll and scroll up]. It also required 'stacking' the pedal presses to go back more than one page. I didn't try scroll up or turn page if at top. I also tried setting the time, more time slowed the reverse scroll down and didn't seem to increase the amount scrolled much past a page and a half.
I tried posting this but my computer didn't cooperate. Smile
Okay, I can change the behavior of the "scroll down or page turn at bottom" to stop scrolling if the pedal is pressed twice. That's easy enough.

Cool! Just to be clear. The first press starts the scrolling and any press by either pedal stops it. (that's the original behavior in the old program)
I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth and am thrilled that you would even consider coding for this request (I thought it would be a setting I overlooked) but the speed of the scrolling on the old program was just slow enough to be able to continue reading music (16th note runs) while it scrolled. The slowest setting (of the selectable speeds) now is a little too fast. The slowest setting is too fast so you can't scan forward and get an overview of what's coming. (The old program actually had a nice balance of being fast enough to readjust the screen forward while still allowing that valuable overview.)
One option would be to utilize the fixed duration scroll speed. The slowest setting is currently 6 seconds. You can try entering a larger value such as 8 or 10 seconds for the fixed duration and see if it meets your needs. This does raise the larger question of whether or not I should adjust the scroll speeds. The problem is that users have already set up their songs with the current scroll speeds, so if I change them, it would potentially mess up their settings. Furthermore, those settings are really designed for scrolling a portion of the page (20-25% typically). It makes sense why scrolling 100% of the page in 6 seconds is too fast. So the only thing that makes sense to me is either to just recommend the fixed duration setting when using 100% of the page, or I would have to scale the scroll time based upon how much of the page is being scrolled. The latter does seem reasonable, but once again, it could potentially mess up songs people have already configured, so I'm hesitant to do it. I'm open to feedback and recommendations.

Would having a button choice between the current, fixed, and manual, adjustable, work? The current could be made the default.

Note; is this for scrolling back to the top or scrolling both directions?
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